My day trip to MGM Friday 3/24/06


OK, here is my little trip report from MGM on Friday.
The cast is:

We left here around 7:15 A.M. after stopping for gas, and we were on our way ! Traveling witha 5 yr. old and a 4 yr. old however, you don’t always get to go as quickly as you would like . We stopped at the first service plaza on the turnpike and got them some breakfast(even though my DD ate at home before we left.After that straight to the park. After parking and riding the trame up, we actually get into the park around 10:00 A.M. We get a restroom break in, pick up some snacks, meet JoJo and Goliath, and head to the 11:15 Lights Motors Action Stunt Show. Both of the kids LOVE this show. They had some technical difficulties with their radios so it started a little later than it was supposed to, but after it was over we headed over to Sci-Fi for our 12:25 lunch ADR. We waited about 5 minutes and got seated. So far, I am pretty impressed with how easily we are getting around. The park seemed pretty crowded, and the lady in front of me at Sci-Fi was trying to do a walk up and they told her that they could not accomadate her until 3:45 !!! So glad I made an ADR !! Anyway, DSIL and DN had never been and they really enjoyed it. They food was good and the kids had fun. I had the same sandwich I had last time and DSIL thought it sounded so good she tried too and loved it.
Butcher Tender Steak Sandwich on toasted Ciabatta bread with a portobello mushroom, mixed greens, red and green bell peppers, onions, tossed in blue cheese vinaigrette, served with onion rings $15.99
Anyway, after lunch, we headed out to the Great Movie Ride and then the Little Mermaid. Then DSIL and I decide we will try to get in TOT and possibly RNRC. We were gonna fastpass the one with the longest line and stand by in the other. Well, RNRC had a 60 minute wait and no fastpass option so we head back over to TOT and it only had a 30 minute stand by time so we decide to do this and do kid swap with DD cause she did not want to ride it. DN went on twice ! He is a little daredevil ! after TOT we head over to Muppet vision 3-d and then to dinner at Toy Story Pizza Planet. We walked right in. There was NO ONE in there. It was amazing to me. After this we shopped our way back towards the front and headed out and on our way back home. The longest we waited in line was for TOT at 30 minutes. I could not believe this for being Spring Break. We had a really good time. It was a fun relaxing day at MGM. Even though we din’t get everything in, we still really enjoyed just being there !


woohoo!!! I love day trips. :slight_smile:
That sandwich you had sounds soooooo good…
I’m glad you had such a great time! :happy:


Great day trip! Dontcha’ just LOVE the Sci-Fi? Did you get one of those cool glowing cubes in your drink?


What a perfect day. You got alot done for such a busy time.