My DH Birthday @ Disney


Hello All,

I was wondering if anyone could answer a question, we will be checking in on my daughter’s 13th birthday at the Riverside, should I tell the front desk that it is her birthday… will she get some “Magical Wishes”…



Yes let them all know. :smile:

Here is a link to some Birthday info:

From Link:

[I] If staying at a Disney resort, let them know it’s someone’s birthday when you check-in.

Go for a special meal at a Disney restaurant, or character meal, & let your server know you’re celebrating a birthday.

Go to City Hall at Magic Kingdom & ask for a birthday button, it will say ‘It’s my birthday today!’


Thank you so very much…


great link! Thanks R2G, I really enjoyed reading those reader comments!
I wonder what exactly it is they do if you tell them at hotel chec in…


Dee, you might also call them ahead of time, so they can mark it on the file… you may get a postcard in teh room for her!

Also, did you know about Birthday Badges? Here’s what you do: go to Guest Services at MGM (just to the left after you enter the gates), guest services at AK (just to the left as you enter the gates, Town Hall at MK (at the far right as you enter Main Street), and the guest services office under Spaceship:Earth at EC.

Tell them it is her birthday, and they will give her a free badge… all day long cast members will wish her a happy birthday, and she will feel like a PRINCESS!!!

Once, I even got a free churro in Mexico! Oh, and a CM let us into a showing of Honey I Shrunk the Audience, even though we had no FPs!!!


You can also order something to be delivered to your room, I have heard the Disney florist does a wonderful job.


Disney does all kinds of nice little things for people’s birthdays! My brother and I have both gone for our birthdays, and between the 2 of us we’ve gotten a personalized birthday card left in our hotel room signed by Mickey, fast passes handed out to us by CM’s, CM’s lettings us stay on the ride for another round, a happy birthday phone call from Goofy (the man at the door of the American Adventure in Epcot is very good about getting Goofy in touch with the birthday person), and a “happy birthday” from just about every CM we passed. I’m sure Disney does all kinds of other things too. Just let everyone know it’s your DD’s birthday - hotel, restaurants, etc - and she’ll get plenty of birthday treats. :slight_smile:


Oh Thank You All for the wonderful information.

I do know about the Birthday Pins, I am planning on getting one from each park so she will have 4 days of birthday fun.

It will also be my DH and mine 10 yr wedding anniversary while we are there. I am planning on dinner at the castle, I would like to bring a bottle of sparkling cider… do you think they will have a problem with that… neither my husband or I will drink when our DDs are with us…

Thank you again.


My mom has received a sign photo of the disney gang and a nice wooden disney clock next to it…Lenny4eyes and I received cupcakes with candles at Chef Mickey’s and a special birthday wish from all the characters there…and most recently…I got two of the buttons to where around the parks when I was there with PJ…it really is nice to be celebrate at disney!!!


Mom…YOU SAID YOU GOOGLED IT!!! :angry:Yes, dac921 is my mother…:angry: I told her to tell the front desk its my b-day…well, it is, but I wanted her to not know what would happen. I wanted to surprize HER…:laugh:…that’s weird, I know…(Please don’t ask why…)


Wow two new victims, oh I mean members from the same family! Wecome to DC!


Thanks…I think…:huh:


Welcome to you both!!! I hope you have a blast planning Disney trips here!


Thank you so much…
I have gotten such wonderful tips.
I love DC… My DD has been finding everything that I have missed.

The entire family is looking forward to our WDW “Magical” vacation…
Just can not wait.




Yes. My family did this for me! Tell her happy B-day from me.


what do they do at disney for b-days, my dd is in aug so i can get a pin for her to wear, will people see it? would the resort do some thing for her ?


It’s hit and miss for birthdays. My DS got balloons from Goofy at our resort but not everyone gets them. He alsp got a cupcake at several restaurants. If you really want something your best bet is to order it before you go that way you aren’t let down if nothing happens. We got my DS a gift basket delivered to the room.

My DS had a pin and lots of CMs wished him happy birthday as we got on rides. At 8 he loved it.


I think the CM’s wishing her “Happy Birthday” would be the best.
Since she will be 13 while we are there.
I did buy her something really special, but I can’t say what it is because she is on the board… RIGHT USASMIG789 (Amanda/Nikki)!


Right!I am the birthfday girl!Well, I’ll be one in September…I turn 13 the day before I leave for Disney!Mom, are we going to do a TR together or seperate or is only one going to take care of it?Hm…