My "DH Thinks I'm Nuts" Pre Trip Report


I have been a member of Mouse Buzz (since before it was Mouse Buzz!) since February 2004 and I have learned a few things about myself…

I love Mouse Buzz.

I love Mouse Buzz Disney Freaks like me.

I love Trip Reports.

The third thing surprised me. Why would I want to read about other peoples trips? When would I ever care when some strangers kid had a CM make their day? What on earth would make me passionate to find out what happened on Day 2 of someones trip?

How on earth did I get sucked in?

I’ll tell ya how…

I got pregnant.

I was planning a trip for Sept/Oct. 2004 for DH and myself when I stumbled across this site. Literally, 4 days later I found out I was pregnant. Due at the end of September.

While we were sooooooooo happy to finally be pregnant that meant no trip. “No Problem” boasted DH “now that we are gonna have a kid we will go to WDW all the time.” (Its 2008 & I have not been to WDW since our honeymoon in October 1999)

My Son Tyler was born early, at the end of August 2004 and I have never been happier.

Ty turns One…DH “He is too young to take to WDW.”
Ty turns Two…Lisa: “Its FREE to take Ty to WDW.” DH: “Thats 'cuz hes too young.”
Ty going on Three…Lisa: “Its still free to take him…” DH: “he is not going to WDW till he can remember everything about it.” Lisa: “choice words that can not be repeted here

I let go of my WDW dream and live through the wonderful, generous TRs of my fellow Mouse Buzzers. I laugh, I cry, I get annoyed…I basically feel the emotions of the story teller. DH thinks I’m nuts.

While I am living my WDW dream through the TRs of others I (having crazy things happen to my loved ones over the past 2 years) decide that life is short and I am going to make my life long dream a reality.

I am gonna go back to school.

I am gonna be a CHEF.

DH thinks i’m nuts.

After a year of hard, hard work I accomplish my goal. I feel amazing. I accomplished something that is mine and no one can take it from me.

DH still thinks i’m nuts…and he is so proud of me. :wub:

Halfway through my schooling DH realizes that I’m gonna do it. I am gonna complete my labor intensive, life sucking education at Le Cordon Bleu, Chicago.

January, 2008:

DH: “Lets go to WDW”
Lisa: “Not without Ty”
DH: “Of course with Ty. I am so proud of you and for your graduation gift I want to take you both to WDW.”
Lisa: “OMG! more words that are inappropriate here!”
DH: “Go on your crazy site and tell all of your MB friends”

June, 2008

By my prompting…

DH: “So, Lisa Last Name, You just completed culinary school. What are you gonna do next?”


DH thinks i’m nuts.


:laugh: Have fun planning! Congratulations!


you’re funny! :C)

BIG Congrats on finishing you culinary schooling! WOW!!

i look forward to reading about your planning & your trip!


That was outstanding! Gave me goosebumps and a big ol’ smile. You are NOT nuts! Tell him one of your MB friends said so. :laugh:

Now I’m really looking forward to your TR!:happy:


wow if I have a kid I am taking him the first chance I get but Dh already knows that and well he knows I am crazy lol but congrats on going now


Congrats on everything. That is quite an accomplishment, and you should be very proud of yourself. It is funny, that I used the same line with Sharon when she graduated nursing school many years ago… Now that you graduated, what are you going to do now? … going to Disney!!!


Congratulations Lisa-one of the nicest ‘nuts’ on MB!! from the English ‘nut’


Cast of Characters:

DS: Tyler 3 1/2yo (He will be 4 when we are in WDW)


DH: Rob, 34, Rough, tough exterior…Marshmellow interior.

And he is THE REASON I LOVE WDW! And I never let him forget it!

While we were dating he took me on my first trip. Stayed at ASMu. I fell in love. (With WDW…I already loved Rob!)

Fast forward to 1999. Planning the wedding.

Lisa: “Do you want to go to an island for our honeymoon?”

Rob: “Uh, no…Walt Disney World”

And the rest is history.


Sounds great! Hope to get to meet you while we are all down there.


you just put tears in my eyes! Really…

Congrats on finishing school I know what hard work it is. Maybe you can share some of your recipes with us!


Ok I just got goosebumps reading that and my eyes welled up with tears!!!

I can’t even wait to read your actually trip report!!!

Congrats Chef Lisa!!! And I hope Ty’s first WDW is completely amazing!!! (which I’m sure it will be!!)


Last but not least…

Nutty Lisa! 32yo and more excited than you would ever know.


Stop making me cry!!! YOU GO GIRL


Hey Lisa,sorry to get off the subject of this thread,but I was very interested in cullinary school myself. I have been contemplating going here in florida(north). Can you give me some info. Like: how hard was it,did you find it difficult trying to have a family and go to school. Is there alot of out of classroom work(homework). Was it hard to understand all the stuff that goes into cooking? you know along those lines. PM me if you will and we can talk. Ok,resume as you were.Oh by the way cute pics and I know you must be excited.


CONGRATULATIONS on your graduation!!! And I can’t wait to hear all about your long awaited trip to WDW!!! Ty is going to have such a blast!!! I’m so jealous - I wish I had your ambition to go back to school! Can’t wait to hear about your new career too!!


I can’t wait to meet you…even if we get together in the lobby for 2 minutes there is no reason we can’t hook up!



OH… that is so great… congratulations… and I hope you have the MOST MAGICAL TIME EVER!!!


Anytime you have a cooking question please feel free to ask.



I am more than happy to answer any questions!

I will PM you. Please feel free to ask anything.