My DHS Ride Makeover!


When I get bored I usually try and think of Disney rides in my opinion that could be re-done or create. I have decided to make a new ride that in my opinion would be a good one for all your Walt fans out their. If your a true Disney fan you will love this ride!

I believe this ride would be a perfect place for where Walt Disney: One Man’s Dream is. Instead of a show it would be a ride though.

[B]Name Change:[/B]
This will now be called “It all started with a Mouse” Since Walt Disney World and Walt became with Mickey himself!

I would totally re-do the building adding two doors next to each other. One Fast Pass one Stand-by. Their would be two windows above it making it look like a Mickey head.

Due to the fact I don’t know how big it is in their… I would have some of the queue outside and most of it inside. Basically like TSM is now. When you get inside you are just in one big room, on the walls beside you will be Walt’s pictures, items, etc… everything currently in Walt Disney: One Man’s Dream. Everything that was in their will still either be on the ride, or in the queue area. The closer you get to the ride, the newer the pictures get. This ride will have a Fast Pass due to the fact that I would make it so you get a tour guide with each ride.

[B]Main Ride:[/B]
The main ride would be a moving vehicle type ride where four people can sit in it at a time. Their would be 5 rows of 5 seats in a train. Two trains connected with a tour guide. You go through the main doors, he/she introduces him/her self and tells you some info. You see some models, stopping for a video along the way. You spend at least 2-3 minutes in each room. Depending on how big the building is… the more ride vehicles you could have.

You get off while the train that was in font of you is boarding. As of all Disney rides… you go into a gift shop, which would be new.

What do you guys think? Peck away ;)!


That sound cool. How about putting some kind of interactive drawing pad on the ride for eveyone to draw(in a particulr room that you go through) a famous Disney character(with somekind of quick outline or coaching of course) and at the end of the ride you get to take it home or at least see your results.


Sounds good. I like mousemom’s idea too.


Wow I like that to. That would be awesome… and they can be displayed all though out the room.