My dining is all booked!


Horrah! I am so happy, finally all my Adr’s are all booked up. This time though, I have never known it be so hard to do! Not for the fact that there is not the times or availablity there but the fact that the agents ( or should I say some of them…) had zero idea of what they could and could not do. It was so frustrating. We were cut off twice, told we could not pre book until closer to the date, told that 180 days was too early…you name it! Finally, we spoke to a lovely girl who did it all for us and made me happy again :laugh: Anyone else had this sort of problem this year or was I just incrediably unlucky?!


Glad you got it worked out! Sorry you had such a tough time. Maybe there are a lot of new CMs in training for the reservations jobs?


Glad it all worked out! I didn’t have any problems but I booked last week for a trip next month…


So pleased for you Ariel! we are still avidly flight watching-looking for a ‘miles with money’ deal with VA but will be booking soon- so I will let you know when dates are confirmed.


That’s great news!


I’m happy you finally got everything booked. We’ve never had any issues but have noticed that some CMs are better than other.


Great news on the ADRs. I love it when that isd one, makes me feel like the trip is so much closer!


Congrats on getting your ADRs booked. I am sorry that you had issued with the agents on the phone. I haven’t ever had an issue. I tell them what I want and when…there is no room for disscussion and if I don’t like the way the call is going, I hang up and call another one. I don’t even let them get through the whole “song and dance” about the rules…I more or less just tell them to get to the next one, but in a polite way of course.


Sorry you had a hard time booking your ADRs, but glad you got it all worked out. Where did you make your ADRs for?:happy:


yay Dixie!!! I am excited for you. Can’t wait to see when you are booked.
We have them for Chef Mickeys for breakfast and Dinner, Mickeys BBQ, Crystal Palace, Ohanas for Breakfast and Dinner, LTT, Akershaus… Think thats it, but I may be forgetting some.

I am so happy that it’s all done now. whoo whoo!!!


What ADRs did you book? Mine were booked early, then my husband’s job restraints caused us to rebook, how frustrating…However, I did pretty well, but unfortunately lost one reservation. I am going to check though to see if there are any last minute cancellations. Considering we are leaving next week (3/12/08) I have better get cracking.