My Dining Plan Spreadsheet


So, the accountant in me has taken over…We are within $1,000 of paying off our hotel and tix package for our family of 5 in March. So, onto dining plan decisions and to or not to do. We have chose to use refund money to pay for dining plan and book it when the $$$ comes in…I have already made reservations somewhere between Deluxe and Regular…Anyway, here is what I have come up with.

The results are based on a per meal cost/value for my family of 5.

Quick Service or Counter Service - formula used (price per day5)/2 - (avg snack price5). In other words I take out what a snack would cost if out of pocket to see what we are paying for the meal if snacks not included.

$68.00 per meal

Regular Dining - same formula used

$100 per meal, regardless of whether counter or quick

Deluxe - formula takes out avg price for 2 snacks a day for 5

$101 per meal - all will be Table service

anyway, some of my time killing geekiness coming out. No point to make just what I found.


Just go when there is free dining, and all the geekiness isn’t needed.


That’s not true.


And Sg should know.