My Dining Plans 9/23-9/30


OK, so I made most of my reservations tonight and wanted to know what everyone thinks (aka I need some advice). We ARE doing the dining plan (after much debate) and the only WDW restaurant on this list that we’ve eaten at before is the San Angel Inn (we always go there and we love it).

So, here’s our plans so far (the days with times I have ADRs for already):

Sat. 9/23 - Spoodles @ 5:50PM
Sun. 9/24 - Boma @ 5:50
Mon. 9/25 - San Angel Inn @ 6:30
Tue. 9/26 - No ADR yet; at Universal all day (dinner outside WDW)
Wed. 9/27 - No ADR yet; at Universal all day
Thu. 9/28 - No ADR yet
Fri. 9/29 - Yachtsman Steakhouse @ 6:05

Now, a couple of things: 9/29 is the wifes birthday so if anyone thinks I can do better (I’m willing to do a 2 meal restaurant like Narcoosee’s) please say so. We’re also considering doing the luau at Poly and that’s two meals and I don’t want two 2 meal dinners in 1 week so the luau isn’t written in stone. Tue. 9/26 we’re planning on eating outside of WDW (probably Jungle Jim’s; I like that place) so ignore that date. And, my worst fears have been realized: Le Cellier is booked the ENTIRE week, so forget about that and Ohana only has a couple of ADR’s available but not until later at night (after 8PM). I don’t know if it will make a difference but most nights we’ll be at Pleasure Island after dinner getting our, err, “drink on” (but not TOO much).

Help/suggestions appreciated.


I have never heard a good review on the lua. I hear the OLD lua was a “must see,” but the new one is lacking.

Teppanyaki is a real treat.


Yes, Teppanyaki is good but we go to a Japanese restaurant here all the time (I live by Myrtle Beach) so we figured we’d skip that.

I’ve also heard some so-so things about the luau so I’ll probably take your advice and skip that.


I’ve eaten at Spoodles, The Concourse, and San Angel, and LOVED all three!

I’ve only heard EXCELLENT things about Boma!

You have great ADRs!


Does your Japanese place do the grill-side showmanship thing? It’s not just the food, but the presentation that is so worth it.


Yes, they do. I’ve been to Teppanyaki before and the wife didn’t care for it much. The last time we were there they served bean sprouts, which she doesn’t like, instead of rice, which most places here serve. I actually just suggested it to her and I got a resounding “NO.”. Personally, I liked it but the Queen always gets the final say.


I would keep trying for LeCellier if you really want it. You might still be able to get in with a cancellation. Don’t give up! The rest of your ADRs sound great! San Angel Inn is one of our favs too.


I agree that the Luau’s not so great.,If you want to do a dinner show, Hoop-de-do is way more popular.

Have you tried for a late lunch at LeCellier? The lunch menu’s just as good as the dinner, and it’s easier to make an ADR.


I’ve heard not-so-nice things about the Luau as well.

I love Boma and fully endorse that decision! The staff is amazing, the food is amazing, the atmosphere is amazing… Ahhhh AKL…

I’ve never eaten at Concourse Steakhouse, so I can’t give too much advice on it. But it’s always seemed a little cold and sterile to me. Plus, it’s just plopped there in the middle of the lobby. Kind of weird. I’d definitely choose something like Yachtsman Steakhouse, a Grand Floridian restaurant, or even California Grill for your wife’s birthday.

Other places I’ve tried and like are 'Ohana (my FAVORITE restaurant in the world), and Chefs de France. There’s also Flying Fish if you’re sea-fooders.


hmm…let’s see…
I agree with others, Ohana is a great yummy treat (one of my favorites!), i’ve heard “eh” about the laua…i think the other 2 point meals are worth it too…esp for a nice birthday meal…if you’re going to PI I’d try Raglan Road (i have never been there–but I’ve heard good things) I have heard wonderful things about Spoodles!


If you like comfort food and a corny show Hoop Dee Doo is a lot of fun. There isn’t a bad seat in the house and the food is good.

For a really nice evening out we really liked Flying Fish, everything was excellent.

For a light lunch while at MK we love the Plaza Restaurant. Lighter food and great service. We like to do this and skip a counter service restaurant.


Update: 9/29 has been changed from Concourse Steakhouse to Narcoosee’s. What do you think? Is it worth two sitdowns?


Yikes Narcoosee’s is two sit downs!
We have dined at Narcoosee’s twice, it is very good. One credit yes! Two I am not sure I would use two sitdown credits ! JMO


Yeah, I’m wondering that myself. BUT, we’re getting lobster, which is $54 alone, so by the time we add appetizers, sides, and dessert, I think we’ll be making out OK.

But, who knows. Nothing is written in stone. Maybe we should change it to Yachtsman Steakhouse instead…Good thing I’m still two months out.


I agree with Bali’s suggestions. You can’t go wrong with any of those restaurants. I might give a slight push for california Grill, since the view is magnificent, but the Yachtsman Steakhouse and Flying Fish would both give you an excuse to go to the Boardwalk and enjoy the nightlife there(a nice, romantic setting).


Well, I changed Fridays ADR yet again to Yachtsman Steakhouse. The wife likes the menu better there and I hear good things about it. It seems like we’re stuck with a two sitdown meal on Friday night because of the wifes birthday that day and she wants what she wants. But, the way I see it, we’re going to have two counter service meals that we won’t use for lunches on the two Universal days so we’ll have plenty of credits.


love your choices and also agree with dumping the luau.


I love your choices. You’ll be happy with Yachtsman, I’m sure. For the record, like everyone else, I’ve heard some bad things about the new luau. I’m glad I can say I’ve seen the old one. It’s too bad it’s become one of those things that took a change for the worse.

All in all, you’ve got some great ADR’s.

And as far as Le Cellier, like someone else said, don’t give up hope. You’ll find an opening I bet if you keep trying. I for one as surprised that it’s fully booked that week in September.


I’ll be at DW from 9/25-9/30. Along with Le Cellier, Coral Reef, Biergarten, Marrakesh were unavailable for lunch or dinner at a reasonable time (9PM at the Biergarten for example). Everyone’s going to Disney. I was on the phone 45 min. getting ADRs for

Rose & Crown
Tony’s Town Square
Wolfgang Puck
Le Chefs de France

306 other ADRs were made between my first and last according my confirmation numbers.


Whoa! Things are really getting serious with the ADRs. I didn’t have too much trouble for the first two weeks of September. I’ve left one open to decide when we get there - maybe I’ll just make one as a backup somewhere.

Oh - and welcome to Mouse Buzz!