My Dining Plans


I made all of my dining reservations this morning. Four adults and one 3 year old.

October 20th - The day we arrive

Coral Reef - The kids want to eat here!

October 21st -

Hollywood & Vine - Fantasmic Package

October 22nd - This is the kids wedding anniversary.

Chef Mickeys for breakfast

The kids are going to go spend the day together and we are keeping the baby and going to the Magic Kingdom!

Ohana’s for Dinner - Just the three of us.

October 23rd -

Cape May Breakfast - Just the three of us.

Liberty Tree Tavern - MNSSHP

October 26th -

Princess Storybook Breakfast

Mickey’s Backyard BBQ

Then we have to go back home. :mickey:


Wow…you’ve done some GREAT planning… I’ve always wanted to try Mickey’s Backyard BBQ… I’ll be interested to see what ya think of it…


You made some wonderful ADRs! Most of those are some of our favorite places to go. We haven’t tried Coral Reef or PSB but I have read some great reviews about them.


Awesome selection! Take me with you!!


Looks like a bunch of great choices!
Can’t wait to hear what you think od Coral Reef. That and the BBQ we have never been to.


Your plans look awesome pal. You think I can come with? I will just stay on after your trip until my dates…llol


Wow, a little jealous here! Sounds like you hit some great hightlights! I can’t wait to read your TR before we leave in Dec!


Sounds great to me!!! :heart: :mickey:


Hey, I have a practical question. We also wanted to book Liberty Tree for MNSSHP (going on the 26th). I heard from somewhere that since tickets have not yet gone on sale, you had to just call and get the last reservation of the night (5-ish), and then when tickets went on sale you could get the later reservation. Did you find this when you called? Thanks in advance!!!




This will be our first time at the BBQ, I cant wait to try it. I hope it’s a lot of fun! :mickey:

We have been to PSB and we do enjoy it there. The Coral Reef we went to on our first trip and have not been back since. On our first trip we thought everything was wonderful but since then we have had meals with a lot more food than we had at the Coral Reef and a little better. I have heard that the Coral Reef has changed some since then so I am hoping that it is good.

Anytime Erin!

Me too! We have done the Luau and now the BBQ. I will have to plan another trip to do Hoop Dee Doo! :laugh:

No problem Dana - we will have plenty of room!



No, in fact I was waiting for them to tell me that I could not book this yet as I had read the same thing but… when I called I asked if they had something for dinner but at around 4:30 or 5:00 and she said yes she did. We have been to MNSSHP twice now and I had a good idea when we wanted to eat and get back into the park based on our previous experience and giving us plenty of time to see the characters and get a 3 year old to eat. :mickey:


Okay, yet another dumb question (I am full of them today). If we have a 5pm, can we stay in the park until MNSSHP, or do we have to leave and come back in? Is a 6pm even possible?

Thanks again!!!


Yes you can! They start giving out the MNSSHP wrist bands around 4:00pm. When the park closes at 6:00 all of the MNSSHP guests are directed to go to adventureland (or an area of their choosing) to wait for the re-opening of the park. While there they set up the candy stations and you are allowed to start trick or treating while you wait. :mickey:


Sweet! Thanks for the info! :tongue:


Great choices, now I’m hungry and I already had dinner :pinch:


Sorry :mickey: