My disney butterfly garden


So I had decided last year to make myself a Disney butterfly garden in our backyard this spring. So, I finally got the flower bulbs in, and the ground is ready for planting…and I ordered most of the pieces…here are some pics of the pieces I ordered…I’ll upload some pics after they are all together…

Sorry to bore some of you, but I just had to let it out! Nobody around me understands my disney obsession like my DC friends!


Those are so cute! I love the Tinkerbell bird feeder. You’ll have to share pictures once you get it all put together, I’m sure it will look great!


Those are so cute! I love the Alice stepping stones!!! PLEASE post pictures of your garden when you have it all together! :wub:


Oh that’s going to look sooo cute!!! I can’t wait to see pictures of it all together with the flowers!


I love it! (Especially the Mickey bird feeder!)

And those stepping stones are just faboo… :laugh:

I’m not a huge Alice in Wonderland fan, but there has been some really terrific AiW merchandise available lately, hasn’t there?


They are all so adorable! Make sure you post the pictures!!!


Those are so adorable. They will surely attract the most beautiful butterflies. Have fun with it!


Where did you order the bird feeder from? My DD would love that.


Hey Princess Pooh. I LOVE that Tinkerbell birdfeeder and I’ve seen it before but I never knew where to find it. Where did you order it from?


That is going to look AMAZING when you put it all together. I want those stepping stones there amazing!!


Cute! Will you post pictures of how the garden looks when it is done?


I can’t wait to see all of those cute things in a garden. Please make sure you post some pics!


That sounds like a great project! We understand for sure!


I saw it on I believe it costs $29.99.


Thanks guys!

Everything Disney that I ordered came from I also added the princess birdhouse too my collection. I’m trying to get a little of all my favorites in there.

Unfortunately, something has been bugging my computer lately, and I couldn’t complete the purchase last night, although I thought I did. So now, I missed the $25 coupon and free shipping. HOWEVER…I called the guest service number and explained what happened, and the agent told me that they couldn’t reprocess the discounts, as Disney has gotten very strict about retro discounts and such. But, she was nice enough to tell me that starting on Friday 6/2, there will be a 10% off everything site wide sale with free shipping over $75 dollars, and another instant win game for an additional 10% off. So, in other words, wait until Friday to order anything from the site! I guess I’ll have to put off my plans for a few more days!


Oh my god all that stuff is so cute. I wish I had a back yard to do that stuff in. Oh wait I could do it in the very small front part what my community makes us decorate.

Thanks for the good ideas and heads up on Friday 10% off.


Oh! I love this stuff!!! It’s going to be perfect!!!

I must have the Mickey Birdbath!

SOoooooooooooooooo cute! I can’t wait to see it when you have it all put together!


I LOVE the tinkerbell bird feeder!!! I can’t wait to see pictures of your garden all finished. It’s gonna be so cute!!