My Disney Countdown?


How do you place a “My Disney Countdown”???



Welcome to MB plove53
You can’t do it until you reach at least 100 posts


That is what I was told. 3 months and 100 posts.

Welcome to MB


Thats what I was told too


Welcome to MouseBuzz!!

Everyone is right, it’s 3 months and 100 posts but don’t worry, you’ll be there before you know it.


Not fast enough for me. I heard that you can CHIT CHAT also after 3 monthes and 100 posts also. I can’t wait to chat.


I’ve been here three months, and I’ve passed 100 posts, and I still can’t figure out how to make a countdown work. There isn’t a countdown section on my Edit Options…

Maybe I haven’t been here exactly three months, yet. I’ll keep trying.


Thanks! I guess I have to get to writting!

I’m going to WDW 9/20/07-10/1/07



Well you can always just put what dates you are going in your signature. By the way let Dana know the dates you are going so that she can add you to the calendar…its so neat to see who is all going to WDW!!

Welcome to Mousebuzz!:mickey:


Welcome to MB… enjoy the fun.


Welcome to Mousebuzz! I am still waiting for my countdown to disney…just a few short weeks left…WHOOO HOOO (perhaps I can add my last Whoo Hooo to the “you know you are a redneck thread”).