My Disney Countdown!


How do you get the ‘Countdown Timer’ to appear?

Am i just being totally ‘Dopey’:blush:

My Recent visit was my 5th, but it was my kids first, and yes you’ve guesssed it, we were back in the floods of South Yorkshire,England and my daughter said ‘Can we go back to Disney World!’…

My Reply…“Why Not” so we are planning to book for over this xmas, can anyone recomend anywhere?, it has to be practical for the kids!, on our last visit we stayed at Disney’s Carribean Beach resort (Jamaica),which was great i thought but would like to try something different, still staying within the resort i think, but as we all know money dosn’t grow on trees and with our last trip costing almost £8,000 i don’t think we will be staying at the Swan or Dolphin Hotels!

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


I think you have to have 100 posts to get the countdown.


Welcome Aboard TomTom!! Look into Port Orleans-Riverside or French Quarter. They are moderates like Carribean Beach but with a southern influence. Pop Century is also way cool.
Keep posting…when you get to 100 you can get your countdown going!