My disney girl dolls


Has anyone purchased these? Have you brought them to disney?


My daughter has two or three from Disney trips and Disney stores…they were a must have for her! The Disney store stopped selling them about 4 years ago.


We buy the clothes, cuz they fit the American Girl dolls perfectly!

We have the Belle costume and the Minnie Mouse one!

GF has a big collection in their store on the second level!


Can you still get them at the parks? This is what my daughter wants most of all. We’ll be at DD on day one, and Animal Kingdom on day 2. Anyone know if we can get them there? We won’t be hitting MK until day 4 and 6.


I think you can still get them at the World of Disney store in DD, that’s where we got them last trip!


My daughter has all the clothes that go with the Disney pricess dolls because the do fit the American Girl dolls. I think you can still get them in WDW but I did see them in the factory outlet last time I was there.


Oh… check Ebay!


Oh nice! I am glad to hear they fit American Girl dolls - something else to look for when we go!


Factory Outlet store! Ahhh, I like the sounds of that!!!


How does the price of the Disney dolls and clothing etc compare to American girl dolls?


I would like to see a photo of the dolls… I will google them, but if someone can post one, tha twould be terrific.


Disney dolls were much cheaper…around $30 four years ago.


There are a bunch at our local Disney Store, which is an outlet.

We have one or two around here somewhere. They’re so cute. ONe of them that we have came with Mickey Ears, an autograph book and Mickey Mouse hair clips. She even has Mickeys on the soles of her shoes. She also has Disney undies. :laugh:


My sister and I bought My Disney Girl dolls when they first came out in 2002. They were of rather poor quality, then, and from what I can tell, they haven’t improved much. However, the outfits and accessories have, and I would’ve loved to have those options when I was younger (I still buy outfits for my American Girl Dolls :blush:).

If the outfits fit the American girl dolls, then I’d go that route. American Girl is just… fabulous. I’ve been receiving their magazine for almost ten years (once I hit 10, I plan to write in)! The dolls are amazing… so many options! And if they get torn up, you can send them to the hospital. However, AG isn’t cheap. But, it’s a girl’s fantasyland, I tell you! I was flipping through the catalogue the other day, wishing I could be 8, again.


The Disney Dolls aren’t the best quality but are a lot cheapter than AG. Since all of my daughters dolls (3 Disney, 2 AG, and 1 My Twinn) are sitting in a box in the attic, I feel better that half of them didn’t cost over $100 dollars.
Victoria- I wish my daughter still cared for her dolls the way you do!


We have yet to venture in to the AG dolls yet. My DD’s are 5 & 4 and the 5 year old could really take or leave the doll arena, my 4 year old loves them. You all are absolutely correct when you say they are not of the greatest quality, but we felt it was a great place to start! We gave them to them for Christmas two years ago, and they played for a bit, then forgot about them so I packed them away, but I think that I will take them out today and reintroduce them all to one another. I am hoping that they have more interest, who knows!

Has anyone let their DD’s take them to WDW or DL and had some memorable moments? I know there is an afternoon tea or something, I don’t think we will do that but anything else?