My Disney Graduation


Just thought I’d share pictures from my graduation!!
My classmates were all wearing the traditional hats and when I walked in with my class wearing the Mickey ears I could hear lots of people saying “oh that’s so her” and “oh thats the disney girl!” I loved every second of it!! :laugh:


Awwww, so cute! My sister tried to find the ears for my twins while she was in Disney and couldn’t find them. You’re so lucky to have your grad ears and Congrats on your graduation!!


Love it!! You are such a cutie :0). Congratulations!


You look terrific and many congratulations on your graduation.


Congratulations and what a cute idea! I love it. This wouldn’t be allowed around here … They won’t even let you write on the top of your mortar board hat…DD had someone checking before they entered the room…so I think this is great!


Nice picture. Congrats on reaching a significant milestone in life.


I love that. So cute. Thanks for sharing


brilliant! I love those :laugh:

Congratulations by the way! x