My disney plans


ok, I had posted this in chit chat but Erin said I had to post it here and since I don’t want any goats attacking, I’m doing what she said.

I don’t know where is the right place to post this so…I’ve decided this is the right place. After much, much, much thinking, figuring math stuff,asking questions and really decide what we want out of a disney trip…drum roll please…I have made plans. Nov 28 (my birthday) to Dec 12, two full weeks. Pop century. Planning for an AP and hoping for room discounts. Thought really hard of the myw package with the dining, but decided to go with the DDE. The dining sounded really great, but after hearing how some people thought it was too much food and knowing we would be the type to get the max. for the money, I thought we would be too focused on the food. My husband is concerned if he eats too much, he won’t feel like walking around. As far as admission to the parks, my first thought was the 10 day with a few rest days built in between. But I have decided, I couldn’t stand being so close to the parks and not be able to go in even for a few hours. Plus, what if we were aching and decided we couldn’t continue in the park that day, we would feel we wasted that day’s ticket. I know we would push ourselves to make it “worth while”. So any comments?


Three things:

  1. You will ADORE POP! It’s a great decision. It’s fun, it’s disney…you’ll love it.
  2. I understand your position on the dining plan! We felt like all we were doing was eating, eating and more eating. And it was terrible because DBF had a stomach bug! We’re opting for the AP and the DDE this time around also. (it will give us an excuse to go more!)
  3. Now you can start making PS plans! YES!


I have nothing against the all stars as far as a hotel, but the buses need help. Very frustrating to wait for a bus, see it turning in, and then realize it’s already almost full.
Or at the end of the day, having people from different all stars trying to get off at different stops.

I know we would feel like we HAD to eat all the meals. It seems like a lot of people are saying they didn’t use some of the snacks or counter meals by the end of the trip.


I stayed at AS Movies twice and POP twice…and actually my third trip to ASMo became my 2nd trip tp POP because ASMo was very dissapointing and couldn’t put us in a non smoking room…it was terrible…it’s in my TR somewhere…POP became almost to par with deluxe status at that point!