My Disney Project


A girl can’t go to Disneyland wearing just any old thing… so I made DD2 these two dresses.

Please note the rosette on the neckline of the Pooh dress, because I’m terribly proud of that trendy little detail. I also put the matching Pooh band on an old denim hat… the hat seems to be a little small (it’s from last year), so I may have to make her a new one.

And here’s her Mickey Dress. It’s a pillowcase pattern… but I obviously didn’t use a pillowcase!

The hat is even cuter than in the picture- it’s got a matching/contrasting band, too.


These are very cute!


Oh how cute…


Now those are WAY to cute!!! Love them!


Great job! BTW - DD is precious.


She is so stinking cute!!Love the dresses.


The dresses are cute but the little one is adorable.Very creative.


Love it even more here:)


I love the dresses!! She’s a lucky little girl ~ she looks fantastic!!!


VERY cute! You did a fantastic job. My fav is the mickey dress.


Love the Mickey dress! You are so lucky to be able to make her clothes!


So cute, I love the mickey hat.


Those are adorable - the dresses and the sweet little girl!!


Your daughter is adorable and the dresses are pretty cute too! :slight_smile:


They are adorable!


Too cute! You should think about “selling” your talent…if I had a daughter I’d buy from you…quite sure others here would love to do the same for their daughters before going on a WDW/DL trip…heck even just for summer!!!


I second this!! I see little girls in custom-made Disney dresses all the time at DAK. There is definitely a market for it! I see the same style of dresses a lot - mostly things like this in red, white, and black with the big mickey applique. Yours are very cute and very unique! They would definitely sell!


PJ- I saw a girl in almost that exact dress at DL! (And I wondered why her Mickey applique was so low!)


LOVE THE DRESSES!!! Your DD is an excellent model as she is just too cute. I third the motion for you to sell!