My Disney pumpkin carving for this year


Here is one of the pumpkins I sculpted this year. I had plenty of time to work on him since we are sitting without power due to Sandy and I’m not able to get to work.


Great job!! Love it!! We also spent the afternoon yester carving pumpkins…but ours aren’t Disney themed, and not as good!


Wow I think you’re both very talented! Halloween isn’t quite as big here as it is for you guys so I love to see what pumpkin creations are being made. Well done to you both, they’re fab!


Great pumpkins! Happy Halloween.


Thanks, now that Halloween has been postponed in my town I have plenty of time to work on two more.


…i’m so sorry that “Sandy” had to mess up Halloween for the kids in your area…


Thanks, but in the grand scheme of things a late Halloween isn’t that important compared to what has happened to our beloved shore here in NJ :frowning:
We are fortunate this time around, my neighborhood is still recovering from Irene. We are currently without power and its not due to come hack on until sometime next week, but at least we have our home intact.


Still no power for us either…and trying to find gas is a nightmare. I’m still looking forward to Halloween celebration on Saturday. The little things help keep us from going nuts.