My Family Meeting


Well I sat the gang down at dinner and we came to this conclusion. We will do the first two night stretch somewhere near Sea World since none of us have ever been there and as sad as I ws that my birthday is not being spent at MK- it might be fun. We pick up the disney cruise the next day anyhow so it would have been a tease if we did it the other way. Now I just have to sell my one day passes to make enough to pay for the cost of admission to Sea world (and hopefully my dinner “luau??” too) I have 18 passes so that should be enough!


How much are you asking for?


Im not quite sure yet- they are good for 30 years - they were given to me as an “im sorry” for the major screwups that they did to my last trip which was also a grand gathering trip. That is why there are 18- there were 18 of us. I dont even know what they are worth right now. I was going to look on ebay and see what they are going for. I still dont know what I will do- they are not hoppers just one day passes but 30 years could be quite valuable- some day they might be worth like $100 a piece you never know with how fast prices are going up!


I know you have a large family, but thought I’d try and recomend the Renaissance accross the street from sea world. They advertise as Sea World’s official hote, but don’t be fooled, because the concierges know nothing about sea world, and if you ask more than a very simple question they just pick up the phone and call sea world for an answer. But, it is very close, right accross the street. ANd, I remember their room being pretty large.


thanks for the tip! According to the seaworld site the hotels are going to require a two room thing for me.


Aw I’m sure you can still have a great birthday at Sea World. I felt the same way about one of my birthdays recently…I had expected to spend it at Disney, and ended up going somewhere completely different. :sad: But it was still a lot of fun! :mickey:

Besides, you can always celebrate your birthday in Disney…even if it’s a few days early/late! :tongue:


When you come up with a price, let me know. I need 8 passes for my October trip. I would be willing to help you get rid of them so you can spend some time at SW. :wink: PM me with the information when you are ready.


Me too I need 5 of them!! Thanks


Going back in April, but staying at the Hilton.
Still now sure if my bosses are going to pick up the passes


I don’t want to throw a wet blanket on everyone,but do the passes say anything about being non-transferable on them,or do they have a code on them that would specify that they are yours,woohoo? If not,then I say go for it!! Sell them for whatever you can get for them.


Way to go woohoo! You WILL enjoy Sea World! You absolutely MUST feed the dolphins! It’s quite an experience!

By the way, which ship are you sailing on? The Magic, or the Wonder? :happy:


You’re not a wet blanket at all. Good question actually. She did say they were nonexpiring day passes. I didn’t even think to ask if they were personalized for just her family. I can’t imagine she would try to sell them if they were…wouldn’t make much sense since they would be useless to anyone on here paying for them.


Well first the passes are transferrable - they have nothing stating that they are just mine. They were to cover 18 people in the gathering but they all came to me since I was hte one who planned it and also wrote in my concerns- the rest of my gang said that they wanted me to keep them.
Second- we will be on the wonder- yet again- I wanted to try the other boat but the other boat is a full week and dh thinks that is too long for the little kids. We are doing the 4 day on the boat instead.


We loved the Wonder so much, that when we booked our cruise on the Magic, we requested the exact same room number! :happy:


that is cute… I am currently booked for the same rooms as we had before and that was not even intentional! I wanted to try for the catagory 10 window rooms but they were gone already! Imagine that?


It’ll be exciting just walking onboard again! And this time, I’m bringing the recipe for Lapu-Lapus! :tongue:


Lapu Lapu? What’s that? I don’t think I’m familiar with that. :wink:


I dont know either… please do tell


A Lapu Lapu is a wonderful drink served in a real pineapple. Yummy.


mmmmmmmmmmmmmm- I just love the boat!!! Love it love it love it!!!

I use my mugs all the time and its like my little brag thing to do. I live in a pretty well to do town and when all the soccer moms show up in their lexus and bmw I show in my no frills minivan (but my mug says disney cruise line- so there!)