My First Disney Custom!


I made something. Or rather, decorated them. I like my shoes. :mickey: Oswald is on my right shoe and Mickey is on my left.

I jut started out with blank white slip-ons and then painted them with acrylic paints. After that I used some general purpose varnish and put a few coats of that on to seal them.

I will be decorating a messenger bag next, although I’m still coming up with ideas for it.


Those look adorable. You have a great talent!


Thanks a lot! :D


WOW, really cool! :biggrin: I am seriously impressed. I couldn’t paint a stick figure if my life depended on it.

You could sell these kind of designs someday!


Thanks dznygrl! :biggrin: I would probably take commissions or something if I was reliable enough and knew anything at all about that, but for now I am fine with just doing my own stuff.

Speaking of my own stuff…I finished my backpack! I was planning something more epic for it, but decided in the end that simple would be best for school.



I had a friend in High School - he would custom paint the backs of denim jackets. Back then, and we’re talking the late 80s he charged $200-$300. He would do any character you like - I think my brother still has the Wolverine one he did for him.


Very cool MissSmig! You did an execellent job!


Cool, miss smig!! I’ve seen people design vans/keds shoes before, I find it really fascinating!

What did you use to paint your shoes and keep them moderately weatherproof? I’m dying to know!!


Thank you both!

@Screever: I just used basic acrylics (just make sure not too put it on too thick so the fabric can still move) and then sealed it with varnish. You don’t have to use a specific kind really, but I used this. I put a few coats on, just to be safe. But I wouldn’t go walking out in mud or puddles with these on.


You did a great job!


Those are amazing!! I wish I could draw so well! Great job! I think my fave is the bag!


Thank you both~ C:

I think I might do another soon, but that’s only if I can find something that I want to decorate. Fr now, though, I think this is about it. I’m satisfied with my shoes and bag.


I just can’t get over how cute you made those characters. Do you have a lot of art classes in school? I think drawing is like singing and sewing, it’s a gift God gives you from day one. You have a great gift!


Don’t make me scan some of my old drawings. :laugh: Please, don’t. Yes, I have a lot of art classes. I’m in Art IV this year. Plus Art I, II, and III, I’ve taken sculpture, which I was painfully bad at.

But really, I look at a lot of model sheets for them and draw them until I feel that they look like they should. It takes a while, but it’s more fun that way.
For example, this was one of the sheets I used for Chip & Dale.

I also found a bunch of sheets all together like they were from a book, but I can’t seem to find it again. I wish you luck if you want to find high resolution sheets of certain characters, because they’re sometimes hard to track down.

I also recommend that if you want to draw a certain character, if you can have someone else walk you through it then definitely go for it. A lot of what I picked up for Disney characters at least came from just walking into the animation class at DHS over and over and over again. I had nothing to do. You can’t blame me. o 3o