My first TR; here goes nothing


Day 1 (Oct 9th); No parks just getting acclimated.

Arrived at airport 10:40 am make our way to Magical Express line; 25 minutes there. Get in our appointed hotel line; 35 minutes+ there.

Not impressed with Magical Express considering this was not the busy season, the wait seemed unnecessarily long. A bus would pull up and they’d take maybe 8 or 10 people from 3 or 4 different rows vs. taking all the folks in one row (there’s more than one hotel in each row). This just seemed very unproductive because now that one bus had to make 8 stops with only a few people at each one.

The weather was very warm for us New Englanders leaving behind rain & 50’s! Arrived at GF and from then on it was truly fantastic! Just DH & I celebrating our 21st anniversary and we made mention of it while checking in. They gave us each an anniv pin to wear - which has its own little perks and really helped make us feel special all week long! Although we had booked a garden view room we wound up in Boca Chica with a view of the castle as well as Space Mtn & the lagoon; we were thrilled!

Our room was beautiful and when I rushed over to look outside we found several painters outside our balcony! It was kind of funny actually, so needless to say we didn’t put the romance in our week at that time. :wub:

We walked around the resort to find our way; beautiful gym & spa!! Had every intention of using that gym each day (never happened). :blush: Had our first counter service meal at Gasparilla’s Grill at GF; nice sandwich & ice cold beer (it was 1 pm by now). Back to our room and there was our luggage already! Changed into our bathing suits & hit the pool. The one they show on the web site is a big kids attraction because of the waterfall & beach-like atmosphere. We preferred the pool closest to us {see photo}; showered, changed headed to Misner’s Lounge for a cocktail before taking the Monorail to our dinner at California Grill (we love monorails).

Dinner res was at 9, we arrived at 8:30 and asked for a table to view the Halloween fireworks; we enjoyed a wine in the lounge area and were seated very shortly. The service was fantastic! They noticed our anniv pins and were told we had one of the best tables in the restaurant; we had to agree. When the fireworks did begin & they dimmed the lights people were rushing to get a good view - we didn’t move! It was perfect right where we were. I had tears in my eyes as this was our first night and we were having so much fun already; everything just seemed to be working out great. Our meal was great; California Roll Sushi (we don’t usually eat Sushi) our waiter was ROB and very, very nice. We tried everything he recommended and it was yummy. Although we did not have room for dessert, he brought us a special anniv dessert to share with a choc sign on top (see photo);

Day 2 coming soon…


What a wonderful start to your trip, Joan! I love that you were upgraded to a MK view :wub: I can’t wait to see your room! (assuming you are like me and took photos of everything because you were so excited :laugh:)

I haven’t seen the fireworks from CG in a long time- you’ve got me convinced I need to add that to my to do list!!


what a great start to your TR!

how amazing was that view of the fireworks!!!

looking forward to hearing more!


This sounds like an absolutely lovely start, can’t wait to read the rest!


Happy Anniversary!!!

We have celebrated 4 different anniversaries however they did not have buttons then.

Great 1st day TR so far…I am ready for the rest.


Sorry about the ME wait…maybe it was so long due to the low season and them not being able to fill the buses by resort like normal? got me…hope it was better on the way back, but who can argue with free? lol Love that you got an upgrade and such a perfect viewing location…well all except for the painters.:blush: Can’t wait for more report.


I love TR’s! GF is beautiful. I can’t wait for more!


Sounds like a great start. Can’t wait to hear the rest.


Sounds like a fantastic start to your vacation! You just made me so hungry for sushi! Keep it coming!


Great start on your first TR!

How romantic it all sounds . . . and the cake looked so yummy . . . did you at least try a bite? :wub:



Awesome start! Can’t wait for more!



I don’t know about the others but I am ready for a whole lot more trip report :cool:


Me too, more please. Your first TR is a good one so far so carry on.:laugh:


Sounds like a very nice start to your vacation! Can’t wait to read some more!


I agree a great start!:happy:


What a perfect day!


Great start…sorry to hear about bad experience with ME. Keep the TR coming and let’s see them pictures.


Great start on your TR!!! I feel like I am previewing our anniversary trip at GF in December!! So happy you received the upgrade to castle view! Can’t wait to read he rest of your TR.


Day 2 Oct 10th:
We brought along a few provisions from home for breakfast - more to save time than $$, so after our bagels, pb & coffee we monorailed it over to the Magic Kingdom. Arrived just after 9, although Main St. was busy once we veared off to Adventureland it was vitually empty! But I digress… there is nothing like the sight of the castle for the 1st time no matter how many times you see it!
(see photo)

We pretty much walked on to most of the attractions we tried; our first time on Aladdin; although the only child-less people then we couldn’t have cared less.
(see photo)

More anniv pin perks: after riding Splash Mtn (I was a bit disoriented in the heat) I started up the FP Return line for Big Thunder Mtn; when the CM stopped us, I quickly realized my error & apologized. As we turned to walk away he spotted our pins and said “oh, its your anniversary please wait one moment”. Then he fiddled in a little box nearby and pulled out two Fast Passes for us so we could continue. {[COLOR=“Red”]Can I tell you how much I love Disney World??}!

By 1 pm we had done the following; Pirates, Aladdins Carpet, Jungle Cruise, Splash Mtn, BTM, Hall of Presidents & Haunted Mansion & had a photo taken with Goofy - we were impressed with what we’d accomplished in that short of time. [/COLOR]


Day 2 Cont’d:
Heading for counter service lunch at Pinocchio’s place we spotted the 5 min wait sign for Philharmagic and couldn’t resist! Such a fun attraction! Salads for lunch & plenty of water - HOT DAY! I spotted Tigger & Pooh posing for photos and just smiled at DH & asked to do it; he was very accommodating - all week actually. So 1 hour later there we were posing with the two!
(see photo) This may be one of my favorite hours of the trip because we were like two kids waiting for them while all around us there were kids under 6!!!

Space Mtn (30 min), BuzzLightyear, Stitch’s Escape (which we wouldn’t recommend; found it a waste of time) Monsters, Inc & a frozen banana later… we were done. I’ve got to show you the pic with the banana - cracks me up everytime!! (see photo)

Watched the Dream Along with Mickey show on the stage at the castle; I thought it was so cool - they’re eyes even blink now!!! The show was pretty and I was pleasantly surprised with the characters who performed. Bought a few souveigners along Main St. while I was all “in the Disney mood” then monorailed it back to the GF pool for a cold one.

More later…