MY FIRST trip report!


March 4th, 2006

Total Cast:

Aunt Sa (Dad’s Sister)
Uncle Andy
their daughter Gracie

Scotty (Andy’s Brother)
his son Travis

Uncle Stew (Dad’s Brother)
Aunt Swan
son Dan
Dan’s fiance Kim

My sister and I leave for the airport around 7:30. I am having some stomach aches and I am so anxious to get there. No airport problems and we arrive in Atlanta for a short layover and arrive at MCO around 1:30. Yes! We are getting close. We run downstairs to the ME desk to check in. After a 10 or so minute wait, we board the bus and off we go. We were probably the 2nd or 3rd stop - the bus was not very full. We jump off and its sunny and warm. We run to the front desk and go ahead and check in at the BWV. Our room is luckily ready. We are in the studio section of a two-bedroom villa. We’ve been there before - its like coming home!

We need food so we decide to go for something new. We walk around the lake to the Beach Club and hit up Beaches and Cream. Sis has a veggie burger and I have the roast beef sub. Very good. Really cute atmosphere. Our server gives us a cookie (for free!) for the road. By the time we get back to the resort, other family members are trickling in. Scotty and Travis have arrived and Sa and Andy and Gracie are not far behind. Stew and Swan have rented a car and are driving from the airport.

We go to the pool to have a quick “libation” and lo and behold - our same bartenders. They have been there since BW opened! It was good to see them again. So its off to dinner - 9 people and we walk in Spoodles and have a tiny 5 minute wait! A stroke of luck! We are all so excited and making plans.

Mom and Dad finally arrive around 11:00pm and we are all exhausted. I call the front desk and have them hold their ME checked baggage until the morning. Day two coming soon…

Note about ME: If you can check into your hotel room immediately, I recommend bringing your bags with you on the bus so you can get settled. Otherwise, letting them bring the bags is ok. But it really can be 3 hours later!


Great start! Can’t wait to read more…more…more!!


Loving your report so far. I can’t wait to hear more. Don’t keep us waiting to long now…lol


That’s all your given me… KEEP WRITING!!! LOL


Off to a good start! I can’t wait to read more :mickey:


Sounds good, look forward to hearing about your days in the parks.


Very nice, but I need more!!! :slight_smile:


Day Two:

I sleep ok and around 7:00 everyone begins to stir. We are taking turns in the bathroom and chatting. Gracie is not a morning person but we run in there and jump on her bed shouting “Mickey, Mickey!” and singing made-up songs. (You’d have thought we were all 5 years old.)

We finally all meet and head for AK - I was going to ride EE!! We waited forever for an AK bus. There was a CM down there with a walkie talkie trying to get a bus and she was NOT happy. Probably the longest wait that day for a bus.

We arrive and run through the Rainforest Cafe to enter the park. This is a great tip I learned here on DC for when there are 5,000 people in line to get in the park. We can see the ride - it is running…and so am I! We jump in the standby line and waited only 10 minutes tops. The ride was fantastic - you can see everything on top of that mountain. Following another DC recommendation, we went to Tusker House for breakfast. It goes down as a GREAT counter service in my book, especially for breakfast. We were going to ride the safari but the line says 40 minutes. Our FP were coming up for EE (we had grabbed one while we were there the first time) so we ride again. Then its off to Dinosaur.

We have decided to take the bus to Epcot. Everyone is scattered about, trying to get in the gates quickly and I ask where my dad is. Turns out, he has been detained in the bag line. The checker asked my Dad to turn his shirt inside out - she said it sayd something obscene. Dad is dumbfounded - he had bought this shirt on a cruise to Mexico and it has some chinese characters on there (he travels to Asia alot and liked the shirt) It says "Can’t comprende? Then try Chinese and there are a bunch of characters. He asked her what it said, he didn’t get it at all. Well apparently, when you turn the shirt sideways, the chinese characters are really fancy ENGLISH letters spelling something that I cannot repeat! We were absolutely dying laughing. We had been with him all day at AK and no one had noticed!

We took a quick spin on Spaceship Earth and then headed for Soarin. It was the coolest ride. It was probably our longest wait of the entire week, at around 30 minutes! We got a quick bite to eat at the Land food court and headed back to the hotel, while Dad, Sa, and Laura toured around the countries. Hot tub time!!

We met up around 7:15 for our Artist Point reservation. We arrived via bus in time to have a cocktail and then be seated. The food was fabulous…but the service was HORRIBLE. The server spilled an entire glass of water on my mom. Its ok, accidents happen. Well then, she is MIA for most of the meal. We are still eating at 10:15 and everyone is cranky and miserable. I was disappointed that even though the food was great, the experience was far from magical.


The infamous shirt in AK - Sa and my Dad


Dad, Laura, Mom, Me taking pics before Artist Point dinner


ROFL! I’ve seen that shirt!! They have bumper stickers with that phrase and everything!

Sounds great so far!

BTW, I love seeing pictures of everyone in the TRs - cute family!


Awww, sounds great so far!! Can’t wait to see more! Sorry about the “unmagical” experience at Artist Point. I hope that is the exception there.


Bummer about Artist Point. But you all looked fabulous! And how funny about your Dad’s shirt.


ROFL about the shirt!!! I can just imagine how it jumps out at you in all your photos now! I worked in a preschool with a woman that once bought a shirt with a ‘pretty leaf’ on it–a parent had to tell her what kind of leaf it was, lol.

I love the family picture.


heh heh heh, some shirt.
Great looking family---- I cannot wait to read more.


I am dying of curiousity about what the shirt said - so funny! What an attractive family! Was EE scary? That drop looks intimidating!


I am loving this TR! And the pics!! Too funny about the shirt! Artist Pointe is a great place to eat!


I’m so disappointed that you didn’t have a stellar Artist Point experience!

(And I also want to know more about the shirt…)


Oh, and I see you got all dressed up- AS PER INSTRUCTIONS, right?- for your Artist Point dinner (you all looked great!). Did other diners follow the rules? I saw some extremely casual outfits at Artist Point, flip-flops at CA Grill… RULES, people! Follow the rules! :laugh:


We love getting all dressed up for dinner - it kind-of makes it special. And its just plain appropriate. We went to California Grill and they made the man in the elevator take his hat off per dress code. (more on that meal later!)

As for the shirt, I could possibly be perm. BANNED from DC if I put it on here!