My First Trip Report


Hi, everyone! I’ve never done this before so I hope it goes okay. We’ve been back from WDW for two weeks now and I miss it more every day. Took me a few days to get all my pics uploaded so I hope I remember everything and I apologize for bumbling thru. I haven’t quite figured out how to get the pics on here inside my report without attaching them to the bottom of each post… I’ll have to do some research! Hopefully, though, I’ll take so many WDW trips that this will be old hat before long! :laugh:

Okay, here goes! :blush:

Me- the birthday girl :biggrin:
Daughter- the high school graduate :wub:
Son- we’ll say he’s a WDW first-timer :wink:
Others- we were traveling “with” some friends. We all kind of did our own thing and met up periodically for fun time.

Mallory graduated from high school on Saturday, May 18th. As soon as the pomp and circumstance was complete and all the pictures were taken, we hit the road for the 9 hour journey to the happiest place on Earth!


Getting to the happiest place on earth is not necessarily the happiest process on earth for my crew. Brody (my son) is NOT a fan of traveling. If he can recite the alphabet between here and there, he thinks it’s too far. :mellow:Needless to say, it was a challenge. After getting stuck in a traffic jam in the tunnel and on the Bayway heading out of Mobile, and making what seemed like a zillion stops, we FINALLY got on the road! I really tried to keep the stops to a minimum because I didn’t want to get there too late.

Our reservations at Pop Century didn’t start until Sunday, May 19th, so we stayed at Seralago our first night there. As I mentioned before, we were traveling with a friend of mine and her crew. Her youngest son, Matt, is best friends with my son… you’ll see him in a lot of the pics. We left home around the same time and each had different stops to make on our way down to Orlando. We finally caught up with each other in Gainesville and headed to the Seralago together. We arrived around 11:30 p.m. I wish we had gotten there earlier, though, because Brody really wanted to swim that night, but it was just too late and we were too tired… not to mention that the pool was actually supposed to be closed when we got there.

I can’t say that I was too impressed with the staff at the Seralago. They weren’t overly friendly but they served their purpose. I got a really good deal on the hotel and it was clean. Since we were only there one night I wasn’t really concerned. We just needed a bed and a bathroom! BUT… the beds were REALLY hard! It was actually like sleeping on box springs. :blink: The first thing Brody did when we got into the room was swan dive onto the bed. Yeah… that didn’t go so well. He didn’t even bounce. :mellow:

They were nice enough to give our groups rooms next to each other so that was a plus. However, parking was a nightmare and we ended up parking a LONG way from our rooms. Luckily, people started heading out the next morning before we did and we were able to move our cars right outside our rooms so we could load the cars back up. Major mistake on my part? Packing all of our things in one suitcase, each. Next time I’ll pack an overnight bag with the essentials so I don’t have to completely unpack the car just to get ready the next morning. Oh well. Live and learn!


We had ADR’s for my birthday breakfast at Tuskar House at 10:15 the next morning so we tried to get up and at it early. Once we got the car re-loaded we headed out to the resort… in the wrong direction. Yes. We were so close… and ended up so far. Just a tip: when you put the address into the GPS if you don’t put it in JUST right it will take you to the very depths of Orlando. I was too distracted when we got on the road that morning and should have realized I was going in the wrong direction but… oh well. We finally got straightened out and then I was able to see the most welcoming sight ever!

My kids will tell you… I turn into a spastic two year old when I see this sight. I almost can’t even drive I get so excited. They were embarassed. I was in bliss. :wub:


Yay! We made it! I finally felt like our WDW vacation had begun. My level of excitement was off the charts. Even the kids were kind of sparkly and giddy. This trip was definitely looking up! I have to tell you, though, the night we arrived as soon as I saw Kissimmee/Lake Buena Vista I cried. I was so excited that I couldn’t even control the giggles and tears. Mallory thought it was hilarious. Brody was slightly peeved with me because I interrupted his beauty sleep. I didn’t care. I believe she even did a video. Thankfully, though, she knows better than to ever show it to anyone. Or I hope she does… :huh:

Once we got onto Pop Century property I had to let Mallory drive around the parking lot while I went in to check in. That parking lot was seriously slam packed. She found a spot, though, and came in. I love the wonder on their faces when they’re in a new place like that. We really liked the decor of Pop Century. The cast members were SUPER nice and helpful, of course. They managed to get rooms for both our parties in the same building. And the rooms were ready with no wait. That was nice. We took a few minutes to go find it and freshen up a little bit. We had a standard room but weren’t too far from the front building at all.


You figured out the picture thing! :laugh:

This is my kind of trip report- wordy and very readable. Just what I like. :happy: I’m going to enjoy this. Keep it coming!


We made a stop in the gift shop on the way out to the bus stops so I could get my birthday ears! Sorry it’s sideways. It’s not that way anywhere else. :confused:

And then we headed to the AK. We were about 15 minutes late for our ADR but there were no issues with getting in and grabbing a seat. We all REALLY enjoyed the Tuskar House breakfast. The food was delicious and the characters were so awesome. I got a birthday kiss from Mickey! :wub: He was digging my ears. :happy:

The rest of our crew:

Brody was blinking… he really does have eyes. I promise.


[QUOTE=Andrea;1134461]You figured out the picture thing! :laugh:

This is my kind of trip report- wordy and very readable. Just what I like. :happy: I’m going to enjoy this. Keep it coming![/QUOTE]

Thanks! PLEASE let me know if I get too wordy. I kind of ramble at times… :whistling

And, yes! Got the picture thing figured out finally! Yay me!


After breakfast we headed out to explore the park. I was kind of worried about Brody’s reaction to everything. I said earlier that we were considering this his first trip… he’s actually been before but he was very small and VERY unhappy! The first thing we went into was It’s Tough to be a Bug because I thought he would absoutely love it. Wrong. Have you ever noticed the amount of small children screaming for their lives in there?! :eek: Brody was one of them… and it completely ruined his trip. He was terrified of everything after that. So… needless to say, this time around I did NOT take him anywhere near that attraction until he got acclimated. And, what’s the best way to acclimate a 12 year old that only remembers being terrified by huge bugs at WDW when he was 5…? Dinosaur, of course. LOL! Probably not the go-to choice of conservative mothers but I decided to roll the dice and gamble. It was a success! He loved it and the entertainment portion of our trip was off to a rip-roaring start!


Yeah! Awesome start to your TR! I’ll be watching for updates!!


Was the goofy splash area working? We had stayed at pop some yrs ago with our then 2 yr DGD and she loved it. I don’t see any kids in your pictures.


Your doing great with your trip report, and loading you pictures. BTW your pictures came out great. I can’t wait to read more of your trip report.


[QUOTE=officegirlblues;1134463]Thanks! PLEASE let me know if I get too wordy. I kind of ramble at times… :whistling

And, yes! Got the picture thing figured out finally! Yay me![/QUOTE]

Not wordy at all. Love the TR. Keep it and the pics coming.


Love the TR! Keep it coming! It helps the 24 weeks still to go blues be a little better.


Keep it coming. We are a little over 100 days out and this is fitting right into our excitement.


Love the trip report and the pictures


Thanks, everyone! Sorry for the delay. Long day at work and then immediately went to a paint party afterwards. If you’ve never done one but have a business in your area, I highly recommend it! Tons of fun! :blush:

Thanks for all the kind words! A lot of my pictures were taken with my iPhone. Sadly, it worked better than my camera most of the time. Ha!

Jo-jo, no. The Goofy splash pad wasn’t working. Actually, I was very surprised when I read that it was even supposed to be a splash pad! We saw it on our way in and then I read later that it was a splash pad so I went to explore it and I don’t see how it could be. There weren’t any places for water to come out that I could see. One morning they were sprucing up and one of the maintenance workers was power washing it. The surface was painted so I don’t know what’s up with that. It just looks like a picture spot now. Kind of a bummer for the kids, huh. I have to say, too, that the boys were disappointed with the pools at the Pop. The hippy dippy pool is pretty shallow and the computer pool was boring. We never walked over to the bowling pin pool to explore that area. After all that walking in the parks it was all we could do to crawl back up to our rooms every day. :redface: We really should have started hiking or something to prepare for this trip.

Last time we went I was on a scooter because I had a torn tendon in my foot. Boy, I missed that scooter this time! I know there’s been talk lately about paying handicapped people to help get you to the front of the line and that is definitely wrong… but if you ever get the chance to LEGITIMATELY go around WDW on a scooter do it. It’s like being a princess! No waiting, no lines, no sore feet… :wub:

While I’m on the topic of the hotel I’ll go ahead and give my opinion. I liked it. I wasn’t so keen on the food court, though. Breakfast was awesome but, in comparing the food choices for dinner to the food choices at the All Star Movies from the last time we stayed, the Pop was lacking. It just didn’t seem to have as much variety. But, all in all, I have no problem staying there again. It was nice to have a dedicated bus and not have to share. It was nice walking and sitting by the lake, too. And there were TONS of bunnies there! It was fun to watch all the little kids get so excited over them.

Yummy breakfast! We were on the quick dining service plan so we saved our meals for lunch and dinner. Brody and I usually shared breakfast. It was more than enough for both of us!

Yep. We got the cups. You know what would be great? It would be great if there were some kind of lockers or something to stash your cups in when you go to the park. We don’t carry ours because, frankly, I don’t want to have to carry them around. I also don’t want to have to get a locker or carry unnecessary items into the park. It’d be nice to be able to use the cups for breakfast and save your bottled drinks to take with you. But, who wants to walk all the way back to your room when you’re done with breakfast to put the cups up before you go back to the park?! And, if they had lockers you’d be able to grab them as soon as you get back when you’re feet are just too tired to take you all the way to the room and back. Okay. Done with my useless thoughts for the day. :blush:


Now, off my tangent and back to the action. :happy:

After Brody got his mojo nice and primed for rides with Dinosaur it was smooth sailing! The only ride in all of WDW that he said no to was Tower of Terror. :glare: That happens to be my favorite ride ever so I was a little bit disappointed about that… but I wasn’t about to push it. I was too thankful that he was actually having a good time!

We hit everything there was to hit at AK. My big disappointment about this whole trip was that I didn’t get to see the shows. :crying: The kids were go, go, go and I wanted them to get their fill of everything so I went, went, went. My other big disappointment was that we had park hoppers and only used them ONCE! :mad: Every single day we’d leave the park to take a “break” and end up either going back to the same park to use a Fast Pass or we’d end up not going back at all. sigh Somehow, we only did AK one day this trip. This is usually a park that we hit up more than once so I’m a little bummed that I didn’t get to spend more time there.

Here’s Brody waiting in line for Expedition Everest. He really liked that ride. So do I!

We also had a good time over in the Dinoland area. The boys liked the roller coaster. One day I want to stay there and play all the carnival games but it was just too hot to sit in one spot for long unless you had to!

And, finally… we made our way around to… It’s Tough to be a Bug! You cannot imagine how nervous Brody was to go in there. :blush: He CLEARLY remembered his terror from the time he was 5! Unbelievable! But, once we got in and sat down he enjoyed it. He was glad he faced his fears but he said he felt sorry for all those poor little kids in there screaming their heads off!

Just realized the boys totally got photo bombed. hehe


I agree totally with where to put your mugs, I don’t want to carry it around all day either. It does come in handy if you are sitting at the main pool and are close to where you can refill them. Sometimes we don’t even bother to pick up the mugs, because if your room isn’t close to where you can fill the mugs, it’s a bother to go to refill them. It would be nice if Disney had refilling stations by all the pools, or somewhere in each of the hotel buildings, by the vending machines. I was hoping that was why they were putting the chips in the cups so they could regulate who was able to get soda, in other places beside the food court.


…re the mugs…one of the reasons we like to stay at POFQ, is that we go to breakfast with just our mug and our card–eat and then come back to the room to wash the mug and leave it. The rooms are so close in it’s a 2 min walk—and we do the same thing in the evening…put our things down in the room grab our mug and go back to the food court for cocoa, tea etc…

We have taken them with us in a large baggy in the past, but I have a smaller backpack now and so we don’t mind the quick walk back. Everything at POFQ is closer in so you can do this…I agree it would be nice to have a bank of lockers you could use your room key to activate to store your mug—but I also like to actually wash mine out with soap—something you can’t do at just the mugwash. :happy:


Great TR and photos! Thanks for sharing.