My friend needs info


My friend wants to take her 5 year old son to WDW next June. Will free dinning be available,?son loves pirates so which resort ? It will just be the 2 of them and she does not want a deluxe hotel. Any ideas?


It will not be free dining, probably… If she is looking at pirates look at The Carribean Beach (you have to request those rooms, and they are more expensive)… But if it id just the two of them, I would suggest a value resort… They are great for two people, and themed very well. Maybe All Star Sports (my son LOVED it). I would also suggest Art of Animation, and he can choose sections- the cars section would be fun… All transportation to the parks is included with all of the resorts. Have fun planning.


A good room discount may actually be a better savings than free dining so keep an eye out for discount codes.


or the main discounts that come out- book them EARLY!


Look at for hotel pictures- there are more there than on Disney’s site, and they have info for each hotel, including pricing…


Hi, Holly.

I honestly don’t suggest the Pirate rooms at Caribbean Beach - they are out in no man’s land and super far from everything. With just he two of them, they may want to consider a smaller resort like French Quarter. She could plan the Pirate makeover and Pirate cruise.

Free dining that time of year is pretty unlikely, but like Disney Teacher said, there will probably be some kind of room discount. Discounts on rooms are normally only better then free dining when we are talking about a deluxe resort, but still a discount is better then rack rate any day.


Holly, what is your friend’s level of commitment to this vacation? Is she really ready to do her homework, or is she more of the mind that she can just go? I only ask because if she’s not someone who wants to really delve into the planning, would she consider using a Disney travel agent? It doesn’t cost anything, and a good one will guarantee she gets the best available discount without having to be on top of it herself.

(Or am I wrong in thinking you’re asking for someone who has never been? I’ve never seen the advantage of a travel agent… until Disney. I still do a LOT of planning, but I don’t worry that I’m getting the best deal, and I know I’m getting good advice.)


She ask me since we try to go once a year. My father usually makes all the plans. It is just her and her son in June since she is a educator in our area and that is her only vacation time. She worked in the teacher program 12 years ago at Disney and all her contacts are gone. She was around frontier land one summer and danced in the parade. She does not want to stay at the GF or Poly. Her son loves pirates and all boy stuff. Thank you for your help and ideas.