My HDR Disney pics


Thought I’d share some HDR pics from Disney. Will add more soon.


A couple more.


WOW those are great!!! Thanks for sharing. I Love the TOT pic. to cool!!!


Very cool, can’t wait to see the rest.


Wow those are amazing! Love the TOT one too.


Great pictures!


Great pictures!


I don’t know what HDR is but it sure makes the pictures look cool!


Man I saw my first display of HDR photographs a couple of years ago. Yours are as good as anything that was in the gallery ( ok they were not Disney themed so you do have an advantage.)

Are you using Photoshop to blend the shots? Again, I am really, really impressed.

Thanks for sharing,


Thanks! HDR stands for High Dynamic Range. It’s basically done by combining multiple exposures of a shot to form one shot. It’s basically the best of each picture, plus the adjustment of contrast and color enhancement to get the final result.

GrumpyDad, I use Photomatix. It’s really simple. I’ve been taking pictures for years, but I actually just started with HDR. Pictures taken with a Nikon D50. You can actually do it with just one shot by creating a second version of it (making it darker or lighter, etc). I use Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo X2 for this.


A few more.


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Oh my God you’re my hero. Those are absolutely amazing. I think I know what I’m doing this weekend, playing with the D90.


A few more.


These are really cool. I like the Tower of Terror one and the hammock with only the sneakers showing on the beach.


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I still don’t understand but they’re super-cool! :laugh:



Photography, even digital is about compromises. A piece of film or a photosensor can only measure a small range of brightness. So a normal photograph can only accuratly reproduce the bright areas or the shady areas based on the exposure you use. ( all of this is over simplified ).

With HDR photography you are taking a series of photographs each one using a different exposure so some are recording the bright parts of the scene, some the mid tones, and some the shadows.

Now the cool part, that is combining the best parts of all of the photographs to come up with the images you are seeing.

I have seen the results and understand the theoratical aspects of doing this, but I have actually never tried it. Several of cmrncraz15’s images are as good as the ones I have seen displayed at a local gallery.



Wow. These shots are MONEY! Can’t wait to see more!


Last one for the night.