My hot,did I say hot,TR!


Ok, here it goes.



We left home around 8:15,as planned, and arrived around 11:45 at DMIL house to eat lunch and take her with us. Left her house around 1:00 and got to our resort around 3:00,(after missing a few exits,oh yeah it wasn’t me who was driving). We checked in at WL and was given instructions on where our room was. Funny thing is, even with a pair of binocculars I still could not see the room. I asked for a telescope and “BAM” there it was.:laugh::laugh:. I seen this room AAAAAALLLLLLLL the way down the LONG hallway. So, check in was easy and in no time we were on our way to the room. The nice bellman carried our luggage to our room. We started our trek to our room and made it just in time to get to bed,:laugh::laugh:. Ok, so do you get the picture of how far away we were to EVERYTHING. We were literall the las building and in that building we were the very last room. Our room was nice and our view was less then nice. We unpacked and headed down to the pool. I do have a picture of our long walk down the hallway that we had the pleasure to do everyday.

We went to the pool and it was very warm. Oh, yeah, did I mention how hot it was. The pool had on it’s natural heater,the boiling sun,I mean the sun’s natural warmth that filled the nice cool pool to a very pleasent 90 degrees(or higher). I will say this, I did not get in the pool and have my breath taken away for the first time. We swam for about an hour or so. Checked out the resort a bit and headed over to AKL for our dinner at Boma.

I was leaving my opinions about Boma completly open this trip. Hoping I would like it some but expecting to hate it again. Well, I will tell you that I will make this a MOST DO again. I(and everyone else) LOVED it. I am so glad I gave it another try. This place is up there with Ohanas for us. I really,really loved it. I want to make ADR’s on our June trip. The whole buffet was great,esp. the desserts. The Zebra domes,Flan and upside down cheese cake was sooooo good. I give this place a 10. I did not like 100% of everything, but at least 95%. It was so tasty. So there you have it, a definite thumbs up for Boma. We had a late dinner but it was worth the wait. Our kids got to play some intruments while we waited for dinner. They had a CM starting a little parade with drums and morraccas when we arrived and it couldn’t have been better timming for us. My kids were tired and hungry and this was a perfect distraction for them. Our fisrt day was a hit and a good end to it was a great meal. That is the end of Day 1. I will have Day 2 later on.


Off to great start! Bring on the photos!


Can’t wait to read more!! It was HOT wasn’t it??? I always look in the background of pictures of people’s TR’s that went the same time as me to see if I can spot myself…Cause you never know!!!


YAY!!! You loved Boma! I am so glad you gave it another chance. While I am somewhat of a picky eater, there really is something there for everyone. And the parade…was it in the AK Lobby, or in the Boma Restaurant? My DD marched in a parade in the AK LObby one trip…it was a highlight! She got a Magical Moments Certificate, too.


It started outside and came inside to the lobby and stoped. They sat there for awhile and played their insturments. It was magical.


I certainly have a different view on Boma’s. It was so tasty. I enjoyed everything on my plate except the lamb stew. If i had room I would have wentr for seconds on EVERYTHING!


Here is our first round of pictures




As you can see it was super crowded.


What a great parade.


Sierra is the one with the yellow shirt and she LOVED dancing with the characters.


Heather(DD) and Victoria at CP with

their fav. characters.


Another one at CP


My DS walking down to our van.



I will be back later and post more TR.


Great pics!

It was SO HOT and SO CROWDED! :laugh:


Which one is your daughter? The one with the dark hair or the light hair?

Great TR so far! I am glad you liked Boma…we love it there!


the one without the glasses.