My husband gave up meeting Johnny Depp for ME!


…well, to an extent. :tongue:

Johnny was supposed to be dining at the Disney Gallery after the Pirates premiere on Friday night, and Club 33 servers/bussers were supposed to be taking care of him. DH had the chance to extend his shift, stay for this monumentous occasion, and bus Johnny’s tables…but he declined.

Why? Because his wifey was at home being jealous. :blush: Johnny’s my favorite celeb of all time, so I was a little green with envy.

What a sweet hubby!

So he came home, and even stole me a Blue Bayou menu on the way! :biggrin: :heart:

The funny end to the story is, the movie got off to an hour-and-fifteen-minute late start, so Johnny ended up dining over at Napa Rose instead. The only celebrities the Club staff served were Christian Slater, Jason Lee and Marilyn Manson. :rolleyes: Haha!

DH did get to hear Johnny talking to Make-A-Wish kids in the gallery earlier on Friday though. AND he prepared Johnny’s to-go coffee cups for him! :laugh:


Awwwww, I would have dressed like my Dh and tried to pass myself off as him, lol.

I guess it ended up being a good thing that your DH didn’t stay. Sounds like it may have been a bit of a mess for the wait staff.


AAAAWWWW! What a sweet Hubby!


OMG, that is SO sweet! I LOOOVVEEEE Johnny Depp too but I would have begged my husband to sneak me in or something. haha. I wonder what his review of Napa Rose was? hehe.


Wow, that turned out well. It would have been a huge bummer to stay and not see him. What a good hubby you have!


I would have smacked my DH and told him he should have stayed anyway. :laugh: I figured Johny would have got out of there as quickly as possible. He hates big premieres and crowds.


Now THAT’S love!!:happy: :cool:


Awwww!!! Ryan loves Kim! :heart:


Yes it is! But it would REALLY be love if he opted not to go if it were Keira Knightly:happy:


HOLY SMOKES!!! You’re husband has a SWEET gig…

But…let me ask you something… I can understand the whole “not staying to meet Johnny cause you’d be jealous” thing… But since he had the chance and you couldn’t be there, wouldn’t you like to at least have a chance at an autograph or something if your hubby had stayed and Johnny had actually shown up?

Just curious…


What if the tables were turned, Kim and it was YOU who had the chance to meet him?!?!?!?! :Eek: I would have stayed all night if I had to! (well, maybe not if I was preggers!:laugh:)


That doesn’t make sense to me either. That’s why I said I would have told DH to march his butt back to work and take care of Johnny :happy:… and to sneak in a camera and a pen and paper.


Well, color me surprised!:blink:

You have a hubby who puts you first!!!:wub:

And, believe it or not, Johnny Depp has good taste!:eek:

I would choose Napa Rose over Club 33 any day, and I’ve eaten at both.:pirate:


DH has already served his dream woman (Scarlett Johanssen) so I think Keira had little pulling power with him. :laugh:

There is no possibility I could have had a picture or autograph. Cast members are strictly held under the rule that all Disneyland guests are treated the same. DH could not have asked Johnny for anything without getting fired on the spot. :rolleyes:

So, what he did was the best I could ask for. :tongue:

Believe me, if this rule were any different, I would have SEVERAL pretty cool autographs from working at Disney! But alas, I was a little too attached to my job to risk it. :pirate: Even ACTING as if someone’s a celebrity is a HUGE no-no. That’s why so many celebs (like Johnny) love :heart: coming to Disney. They get to be treated like a semi-normal person. (Except for the entourage of plaid-clad guest service people, of course! :laugh:)


Well I did a double take…

At first my eyes skipped right over the MEETING part… :wink:


:laugh: I thought about that when I posted this thread. I thought, “I wonder how many people are going to think something different…” Heehee.