My imagination?


Hi guys,
Was it my imagination or did there used to be a ‘BuytheBook’ ( you know from Ellen ) in MGM? DH hubby and I were chatting the other night about things that have been and gone and I mentioned this place. He thought I was nuts but then when I tried to explain where I thought it was, even I too started to doubt myself! Help me! :pinch: :happy:


…was it a boring question? LOL!


No - not boring. I know what you mean. It’s called The Writer’s Stop now. We always stop in there for a carrot cookie with cream cheese filling - right behind the Sci-fi Diner, right? They have good coffee too.


I remember buy the book too! It was tucked away in a corner! I got a coffee cup from there once!


Thanks girls…I thought so. Thanks for confirmation :happy:


Nothing like being validated! :tongue:


Yep, that was it right over by the Sci-Fi.
I remember too!


I know…I needed someone to confirm I wasn’t losing my marbles! :laugh:


It is definitely still there, but different name now. They have pretty good cookies.


we went there one day for muffins in March. We got 4 huge muffins, and 4 huge chocolate muffins for under $12. It was a great breakfast and there was noone in the shop but us!!!