My Impressions on Citricos


I haven’t posted or even visited this website as much as I used to, mostly due that we don’t visit the mouse house as much as we used to.

However last Thursday, I stopped by on my way to St Petersburg, staying at one of the hotels at Downtown Disney.

Friday was birthday, so I decided to celebrate my birthday early and had made a reservation for Citricos. I haven’t been there in years, so didn’t have any expectations.

I arrived at the GF a bit early, so par took of a glass of wine at Mizner’s. I liked how the bartender said it would be problem if I took my unfinished glass of wine to Citricos as my reservation approached.

I checked in at the desk and was issued a pager, 5 minutes later I was buzzed. I was seated at a four top, kind of near the open kitchen.

When I dine alone, I sometimes find that I am “rushed” so for special meals, I individually order the courses to set my own pace. That is a tact I took this time, and found the meal was overly long, due to delays between the courses. No fault of the restaurant or staff.

The server was decent, acting somewhat harried.

I started off with the Arancini. Deb’s website has picture of three with smears of sauces on the plate. What I received was one large one served with a marinara sauce in a ramekin. Obviously presentations change, so I understand the discrepancy. I thought it turned out perfect taste wise.

For the second course, I ordered “Winter Greens and Riesling-braised Beets Salad”. I enjoyed this salad.

For my entree, Berkshire Pork Two Ways Cannellini Cassoulet. It described as…“Rotisserie Roasted Tenderloin, Slow-Braised Belly with cannellini beans, braised Escarole and Pork Natural Reduction”.

I am of mixed mind about this dish. The Slow-Braised belly was excellent, the fat was nicely caramelized and rendered down into the meat. The Rotisserie roasted tenderloin was less successful, while it was perfectly cooked temperature wise, I didn’t get the sense of a rotisserie being involved. The cannellini beans could have used more cooking and too my taste had a bit too much salt.

For the dessert course, I went a non-standard route. I am not a big sweet dessert fan unless I am in a certain mood. So I went the cheese course route. It is not listed on the dessert menu, but is on the appetizer menu. It consisted of a brie, a goat cheese, and a blue. I thought the selection was excellent. I particularly enjoyed the blue. It wasn’t an “in your face” type blue. You could actually taste nuances in the cheese.

Citricos also offers “grand wines”, with some offerings in 1, 2 or 3 oz pours. As an after dinner appertive, I sometimes like a nice aged port. However they didn’t seem to offer any, instead I ordered a 3 oz pour dessert wine from the grand wines list. It wasn’t quite to my liking, but that is related to my personal preferences.

Overall, I enjoyed my meal at Citricos. Will it be on my must return to list in the future, No. There were little things that when matched up to other restaurants on property, put it on my maybe list.


Thank that is good to know this about Citrios. And since we always have the two girls with us when we are visiting Disney this would most likely not be a place we would try at least until we would be empty nesters.


I’ve eaten at Citrico’s a few times now and enjoyed my meals.
However, I always keep an eye on the menu before I make a reservation.
That’s because their menus are really hit and miss where my wife’s tastes are concerned.