My Impressions on Yak and Yeti


We ate at Yak and Yeti yesterday and here was our experience.

We got to the park around 10ish and walked by it to check out the menu, and my wife expressed interest eating there. I was not suprised. :slight_smile: There didn’t seem to be anyone to make a reservation for later in the day so we walked around a bit. We ended walking by the restaurant on our way to the bird show next door and noticed some park-goers walking out of the restaurant. Looked into the lobby and the hostess was taking reservations so we made some at 11:30. In retrospect, this was a mistake.

After taking in the show and riding Dinosaur we returned to the restaurant. There was line out the door mostly of walkups along with a few of us who had reservations. They had plenty of tables, but the hostess was having to spend time figuring out where next to seat people, so any one server one not be inundated with three or four tables at one time. If you ever worked at a restaurant you would understand this. Anyway the line did move fairly well and we were eventually seated.

Unfortunately we were seated in the first room. The bar is in here, and as the restaurant filled up, people had a tendency to congregate in here while waiting for their tables. It didn’t get packed but a little annoying as you also could hear the announcements for the next parties to be seated. In addition, it didn’t give me a chance to see much of the restaurant. :slight_smile:

For an appetizer we ordered the Dim Sum Basket. This was very good. We really liked the port pot stickers, and the pork sie mai. I liked the shimp siu mai. The cha su bao, was a little lacking in the filling and had a slight licorice flavor, but otherwise good. There were three of each item except for cha su bao which had two. There were two of us I felt it didn’t overstuff me before my entree arrived, but feel it would even be adequate for three people

For our entrees, I ordered the Duck with Anandapur Glaze while my wife ordered the Shaoxing Steak and Shrimp. I liked my duck, it wasn’t overcooked or too oily. The menu describes the Anandapur Glaze as “orange wasabi glaze”. If it wasn’t listed on the menu, I wouldn’t have realized there was a glaze, so don’t let the mention of “wasabi” through you. Although not listed the dish came with the chili plum sauce. I am not a big fan of sweet type sauces so can not fairly judge it. The stir-fried vegetables were the only disappoint of my meal. They tasted like that had sat around a bit so had steamed some.

My wife’s Shaoxing Steak and Shrimp was a mixed bag. The steak was good and had been marinated in a lime concoction. It was a skirt steak and not overcooked which is very easy to do. My wife said that the tempura shrimp were not very good (she was comparing to the tempura shrimp she had Tokyo Dining at EPCOT Center on Friday). I didn’t get a chance to try them, so can’t give my impression. Her dish was also served with the same stir-fried vegetables as mine but was better prepared. BTW: they consisted mostly of green and red bell peppers along with some onion and mushrooms.

I thought the service was adequate, there was one time I had to wait a bit to order another glass of wine, but the server was very, very busy.

Overall I thought it is a decent restaurant, not up to the quality of some of the better restaurants on property, but decent. When I first learned of the restaurant and that it would be run by the folks that own Rainforest, I was concerned that the menu would be very similar in concept as Rainforest, i.e. that the menu items would be fairly conventional food with “cute” names. It is nice that they tried some new things and executed fairly well.

In the future, we will try the restaurant again but I will make reservations for later in the day (12:30-1pm) to avoid the initial crush.


Thanks for the review. Not sure if that will be on my list for next year though.


I’m still not sure about this place. Good Chinese food is not that hard to find almost anywhere. I’ll have to read more reviews.


We also just ate there and liked it very much. We made 12:30 Meal reservations right at the restaurant and were seated promptly upstairs. I think this is definitely the place to request to sit since it is much quieter than the 1st floor.

We thought the food was very good. Not outstanding but very good. My DW had a seared tuna appetizer and salad which she loved. My oldest son and I had the honey chicken which is a spin on sweet and sour chicken but with a honey sauce. It was very good. My two youngest are really picky eaters so they ate very little like always.

I would say that the entree menu is nice but certainly not exotic. If you are looking for exotic, you will be disappointed. It is typical americanized chinese food.

We did get a brownie sundae for dessert which we all devoured. It was $7.99 which is a fair amount for a dessert. But when it came out, WOW! It was big and sooooo good. The brownie chunks were to die for. Go there just for that if you do not want lunch!:laugh:

Our service was good. Nothing special but nothing bad either.

They do not take the DDE which is a bummer but DVC Members do get 10% off (at least) lunch which helps.

Overall, we were impressed. It was so nice to have a spot in AK where you can get good table service and get out of the hot sun.

We would give the Yak and Yeti Table Service two thumbs up and we will eat here again!!


I ate there with my family over Thanksgiving. The food was very good, but the service was not. The server told me that he had to wait in line to put in his order and to pay the check. My kids liked the veggie lomein, and I liked my steak and shrimp. My husband had the sweet/sour chicken and egg rolls. We didn’t stay for dessert but it looked good.


Thank you all for the reviews, we were thinking of eating here in March, but I think we will pass for now. I have a serious problem with sweet, Americanized Chinese food, so probably not the place for me. Maybe we will stop by the quick service part for lunch one day as Tusker House is essentially gone.

For anyone interested, Yak and Yeti has been listed on the latest 2008 Disney Dining Plan inclusions, both the sit down and counter service parts.


Go for the Brownie Sundae!!!:laugh:


We tried the CS part and wasn’t too thrilled about it. It wasn’t bad, but I think I’d take a hamburger over the sweet and sour pork. Also the fact that the seating is outside is a downer. When we went it was misting a bit. We had an umbrella with our table but it didn’t do much good. I’m not aware of any inside seating for the CS. Does anyone know?


I do not think there is any inside seating for CS.


Thanks for the review. I figure they are probably working out the kinks right now. I hope to try it next year.


Nope, no inside seating with CS :smile:


OK - something called ShaOXing Steak makes me a little nervous.:blink: :laugh:


But – the prices… :eek: That really puts us off though of course if it’s on the dining plan we might try it.


I’m glad to see a review with several opinions. We’ll probably try Y&Y next visit and wait for a later lunch res.
I’m not a fan of sweet/sour type food, but sounds like there are other options.


I don’t know?

I don’t think Sandy is going to like the Yack’n Yeti