My Interview


Well I’m back from my weekend in Toronto for my Disney interview!
I had the most amazing time EVER!
My best friend and I arrived friday evening and two of my close friends that I met in Disney picked us up from the airport.
Everyone else partied a bit on Friday night but I was far to nervous about the interview so I just sat there going over questions in my head.

Bright and early Saturday morning my best friend, a friend from Disney and myself all headed off the the interviews.
First we sat there during a presentation telling us everything about the program for just over an hour. After that they gave everyone their interview times starting at 10:15 every 15 minutes untill 5pm!
Mine was the FIRST one!!! EEK!!!
I was very lucky, the Disney rep who interviewed me was soooo nice!

When I sat down he asked me if I had ever been to Disney World before which I answered yeeees lol then he looked at my resume and when he saw I had worked for Disney before he said “Well this is sure going to be my easiest interview of the day!” lol
I can only think of 2 questions he asked me, other than that it was just chatting about Disney World. He asked me why I wanted to go back and where I had travelled to.
Then it was over!

I feel really really good about the interview…but at the same time I don’t want to count my chickens! eep.

They said we’ll all hear within 2-3 weeks.
So I’m crossing my fingers, toes, arms, legs, eyes…anything!


GOOD LUCK! I’m sure you did very well. What a great experience…

What were you interviewing for? In what capacity did you work at Disney previously? I’m very jealous; I think Disney would be a “dream job”. :wub: I’ve asked my husband if he will follow me to FL when I retire so that I can work at Disney!! He’s game, so I figure… 25 years or so, I’m there! :blush:

Again, good luck! and keep us posted on your success!


good luck I am sure you are going to get it especially since he saw you already have worked there


Tessa, what is your dream job at WDW?


Pixie Dust for Tessa…


Oh gosh Tessa! Good luck, I can’t wait until you hear! I will keep my fingers & toes crossed. I know how much you wanna come back over! Plus, hopefully that means we can hang out next time I come down there! :tongue: Good luck, I am sure it went great!


is it uncommon for someone to want to reapply? Good luck- we missed you our last trip so perhaps our next!


Got my fingers and toes crossed too. They’d be nuts not to take you back. Are you hoping to work at LeCellars again? Good luck Tessa, we’ll be keeping good thoughts for you.


Sounds like an awesome interview! Good luck.


Sounds like it went well… good luck!


Good Luck! Im applying to the ICP next year and can’t wait to hear how it goes for you!


Good Luck Tessa-pixie dust for you!


Best of luck to you, Tessa!!!


Good luck, I know you’ll get to go back! :happy:


GOOD LUCK and were all keeping our fingers and toes crossed for you


Good luck!!


Good luck Tessa!


So everyone I know got an email this afternoon saying congratulations you’re been accepted to be a part of the international program at walt disney world…except me. I have nothing in my inbox.
I heard a rumor that everyone who didn’t get the job got a sorry you didn’t get the job email this morning and anyone who hasn’t gotten anything yet is just on a later arrival date…so here’s hoping thats correct information.

I’m just a bundle or tears and fear and nerves, this is total torture.
My best friend who I went to the interview with got her email this afternoon, so even if I DO get the job sounds like I’ll most likely be in a different arrival group from her - which sucks alot, it really is a big thing down there with your arrival groups, and I wanted to go through the whole thing together SOOO badly.
:sad: :cry: :sad: I might call them tomorrow afternoon if I don’t have any email by around 1pm, I don’t think I can go the whole weekend not knowing if I got the job or not.


Hey MB BFF, TOTALLY call tomorrow if you haven’t received an e-mail. Something similar happened to me once & it turned out the e-mail address they had for me was one letter off from being correct.

Either way, you did an awesome interview & you will hear something! If you need someone to chat with I am here :smile:

You’ll make it, I have a good feeling about this! CALL TOMORROW! :heart:


Gosh that must be torture!!! I am hoping you get a good e-mail soon!! And a later arrival date is better than none right?? But I agree–call!

And this is dumb, but did you check your Spam just in case?