My itinerary


Hey guys I decided to add an extra day ( we are staying till tuesday May 3rd now woohoo ) so here is my new Itinerary

Arrival day check in Ak April 28th
Arrive hopefully by 9 am ( three hour drive if no accidents on turnpike ) check in to POR
breakfast there
Pizza safari or Flame tree for lunch
Ohana’s that night

Friday April 29th MK
CP ( get to see tigger breakfast
Lunch ( its either going to be pecos columbia house or the new noodle station depends on our moods )
Dinner LTT

Saturday MGM day
Breakfast at hotel
counter service dont know which one
Dinner 4 pm at hollywood and vine ( fantasmic dinner package)

Sunday Epcot
Breakfast hotel
Lunch probably mexico and snacks around the world
Dinner Morrocan
just a day to finish up and go to a park we want to no ressies definately DTD in afternoon ( I want to eat at Earl of sandwhich )
tuesday go look around at houses ( we might be moving up there or to port saint lucie dont know then come home


Sounds great,Cheryl. You’re thinking of moving up to the mouse??? Way cool!!!


we are thinking maybe lakeland or Claremont or even kissimmee and also port st lucie havent decided yet


Those sound like wonderful plans!



Looks great to me, but what about EMH? Are you going to try and take advantage of any of that?

What about downtime? You’re focused on one park/day. Maybe you could break one of the days up by coming back to the hotel for lunch and hang out at the pool…

Just a thought.


Cheryl, you’re going to love the Hollywood & Vine Fantasmic package. I was never one for buffets until I did this - it’s GREAT!!! You have to try the mac & cheese! Plus you can’t beat the Fantasmic package. Remember, the further back you sit, the better the view, and the shorter the wait to get out when it’s done!


Plans look great cheryl. :cool:


Matt we usually take a break in the afternoon we will see how it goes Emperess I love the hollywood and vine dinner my mom has never been there so thats why we are doing that one and she has never seen fantasmic either so that will be a first for her I dont know if we will spend too much time at the pool ( DH gets burned easily so it might have to wait until the sun goes down at night so we will see

We usually do two parks a day but since my mom is going we decided to make it easier and just stay at one park but we can park hop if we wanted to like thursday we might since we usually finish AK early


Your plans look great, Cheryl. I can’t wait to try LTT this summer, we have never been.


Steph I love LLT actually we all picked the restaurants together ( My sister picked most when she was alive ) I have done all of these and well the only ones she has never done was the LTT and Hollywood and vine . We picked her favorites and the one must for me CP breakfast ( my family did lunch and didnt like it but I have done the breakfast and had to do the Breakfast lasagna again ( Richard wanted CM but we thought it would be easier for my mom to get a wheelchair Evc if we ate breakfast at the park ) We are doing the stuff my sister loved and even though I hate MS we are going to ride it one time because my sister was looking foward to trying it she never got to it is going to be a very sad but hopefully funfilled trip


Cheryl, I’ll be thinking about you in a couple of weeks. I am sure your trip will be bitter sweet. WDW is so fun but the trip was for your sister and she didn’t get to enjoy it. I am so glad you are going in honor of her, she would want that.