My kids just did the sweetest thing ever


I just told them that we are going to WDW in Sept and that I will start a new change jug after out Easter trip to VA. (we always save our change when we have a trip planned) So they went into their rooms got their piggie banks and their pocketbooks and put it all into a empty coffee bucket that I had washed earlier today. I heard change falling into a bucket so I jumped off the computer thinking they were messing with my disney popcorn bucket already filled with change for our easter trip to VA and here they were starting out savings for WDW… I thought that was soooo cute. They even put some 5’s in there as well… You gotta love kids:wub:


AH That is so sweet


What great kids! Makes you feel good when your kids do something like that! YAY for them!!!


Disney just brings out the best in people…no matter how old you are!!:wub:


That is so sweet. Speaking of change jars, I need to get mine going. I haven’t saved anything yet…shame on me.


Good for them! They sound like my two older ones, as soon as they know a WDW trip is in the works, they start putting money in the jar at an alarming rate.


that’s awesome! maybe i’ll get a community piggy bank for us (i have one that i stick my $ in, but it’s just in my room). great idea!!


That’s awesome!!! I have to say my kiddos all pitch in when it comes to saving for Disney, too, so I know how proud you must be!


Fives ? Sounds like they have ? had more money then me.


:laugh: More than me too!

Tinkerbelle24…that is soooo cute what your kids did! I love that they are that excited to go to WDW! :wub:


i started saveing the day we got back last year.


Wow, they really want to go! That is so darling! Next thing you know, they’ll be all packed!


Oh that is so sweet… I have a Disney Fund. I am the only one who puts anything into it, but everyone likes to make small withdrawals… Oh lucky me…


:laugh: Me too!


That would be me… I want to go to macys or boscovs today to look at the clearance racks for clothes for them. .I seem a bathingsuite for #3.00 last time… I also got my DD 2 disney tank tops from the Disney store last week for .74


I ony put into it as weel except for yesterday… NOw my DH will pay for anything else except Disney… Well when he goes he does but not when he stays home…


Hey, tell them I just got my DVC annual fee bill. :biggrin: I can stand some extra change too!!! (Especially with as bad as the real estate business is right now!)

Like I say, you can NEVER have too many DVC points, EXCEPT when the annual fee bill comes in…


DH puts all his change into his change jar… I should just take it all and put into my DISNEY fund… lol :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: OMG I just did that… I made sure to get the quarters only :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: