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I’m new to the forum, so I’m not sure how this trip report will measure up, but I’ll give it my best.

I’ve been to Disney a bunch of times, mostly once a year since I was three (I’m 20 now). I love it every time I go, and this trip was no exception.

We went down for 9 days. 8 of it were spent at an off property time share (my aunt owns one), and the last night was spent at the All Star Music (because our time share was only for 8 days).

The first day down (July 2nd) We got in around noon time, and we headed for MGM. Usually we always hit the Magic Kingdom first, however we decided on MGM instead. Spent the rest of the afternoon there, and aside from some rain it was a good day. Got on to everything with the exception of the Lights, Motors, Action stunt show, and Indiana Jones both of which we actually didn’t end up doing at all this time round. Called it an early night.

The next day we set off for Animal Kingdom. We got there when it was open so we were able to walk on Expedition Everest for the first time, and then walked on it a second time, and got fast passes to go on for a third time. I must say I enjoyed the ride quite a bit. The backward portion of the ride was its best feature for me, as well as the great queue area and great attention to detail. We then headed for the safari, the rapids, and dinoland. We then did a bug’s life and left the park to go back to our condo.

This was the first time that we spent most of our afternoons relaxing, and I found it to be quite effective. Years past we have always spent all of our time at the park, and it has been most tiring. This time we spent a couple of hours in the afternoon relaxing, swimming, and just having fun.

We then headed for the Magic Kingdom to see the special fireworks show, and to get in as many attractions as possible. Let me tell you, it was packed. I had never gone to Disney in July before. Usually end of August, December, October, or May. But on the night of the 3rd it was packed. We didn’t get too much in. We decided to head to Big Thunder Mountain, which listed a 30 minute wait, which turned into around a 50 minute one. The queue building was smoldering, and tensions were a bit high as we were afraid that we would miss the fireworks, but we got out in time. The fireworks were pretty cool. They shot most of them off in two areas, each area having the same fireworks, then they would also shoot them off in a circle all around the park. The effect was pretty neat. Soon after the fireworks we hit the road due to the crowds.

The next day we went to EPCOT. While there we grabbed some fast passes for Soarin, then did Mission Space, Spaceship Earth, Energy, and then grabbed some more fastpasses for Test track. We then made our way around World Showcase, listened to the Mariachi band in Mexico, and perused the shops all around. Only regret is not getting to see Off Kilter, they’re great. That night we went to MGM for their 4th of July fireworks show, and it was alright, they had some good music, and a great finale, but the whole thing barely lasted 5 minutes, so it was a bit of a let down, but still enjoyable.

On the 5th we went to the Magic Kingdom. The whole morning the park was dead, and it was a nice change of pace from the other night. We got to go on pretty much everything we wanted to do there, and even got to go on the Pirates of the Caribbean a few days before the grand re-opening.

That night we went back to Epcot for illuminations. We ended up sitting at the Mexican joint on the water for about 2 hours before illuminations. Each one of my family members kept going up and buying something, so it didn’t look like we were just sitting there for the show. What a great view though. I had never see illuminations so close to the water before, and in such an unobstructed way, it was excellent.

The Next day we went back to the Animal Kingdom, and redid Expedition Everest a couple more times, as well as some other attractions. It is also interesting to note that the stage, I believe where the Tarzan show used to be was being remodeled. Which my INTERNET research shows to be a new Finding nemo musical. If this is incorrect, let me know please.

That night we had some more family come down, and we all went out to the Hoop De Do Musical Review. I had seen this show a couple of times before, but don’t think I enjoyed it as much as I did this time. It was quite a riot, and my godfather was asked to play the tuto guy at the end, but because of his back problem he couldn’t do it. Its too bad too, because some years back his dad played the role to perfection.

The following morning we went back to the Animal Kingdom because thats where the other family members wanted to go. Some young kids were down now, so we started doing the things they wanted to do. We went on everest a few more times, but then it started pouring. We tried to wait it out in Africa. But it just wasn’t letting up. So we made the dash for the parking lot, and got drenched.

That night we went to see La Nuba. I had a great time at this show. I had see another Cirque Du Solei show near Boston, but this one was far better.

The last couple of days we mostly just redid the parks with some other family. One day my cousin’s dance studio put on a show at the Magic Kingdom for that. I had some fun taking another cousin around and doing all the rides with him. Its always more fun in my opinion to go with someone who has never been before.

Overall it was an excellent trip, and I think the 9 day trip was a good time. I would still say 10 would be perfect, but this came pretty close. I think there could’ve been time to take in some more of the extras had we not had to redo a lot of stuff with the other family members, but it was still pretty nice.

One thing that I really liked about this trip was going back to the room in the afternoon. I would highly recommend it.

On the last day of our trip since we were staying at the All Star we got to stay at the Magic Kingdom late, which was nice because we got to get on a lot of things with no wait.

Some places I ate while there:

Crystal Palace
Mama Melroses’
Cape May
Rainforest Café

Then some off property places, and a lot of Disney fast food.

I’d say the best meal I had would be the Cape May buffet. I had never been there, but I enjoyed the surf and turf cuisine there quite a bit.

It was also amazing to see all the pirate buzz. In all the parks every gift store had a section devoted to pirates stuff, and the big store at the market place had taking animatronics and everything, quite amazing. The pirates rehaul was also kind of neat. I enjoyed the effect at the very beginning of the ride, but addition of Johnny Depp really didn’t phase me either way.

I absolutely love Disney World, but I think I’m going to take a few years off, and go some other places before returning to WDW. I think I’d like to make the pilgrimage to the West Coast to see where it all began, as well as some other sites out in Ca, as well as Vegas before I take another trip to Disney. This isn’t a negative reflection on Disney World, just that I need a bit of a break.

I would say that I thought the upkeep of the park was a little down, and some of the staff friendliness was not up to par. Some water areas in Epcot was bare, leaving dirty rocks visible, or other water ways just looked really scummy. There seemed to be some unused areas that should be taken advantage of, or some places that could use a rehaul. Also I just didn’t get the same cast member prescience as before. On my last visit the previous year, after watching Illuminations I remember walking out of Epcot, and along the way there had to be at least a hundred cast members all with Mickey Hands on waving goodbye. This year, same scenario, although I didn’t see one castmember saying goodbye. While it isn’t a very big thing, I thought that the saying goodbye was pretty neat, and would’ve liked to have seen it again. Oh well. Also I’d have to say my room at the All Star was horrible. We were in the furthest building, furthest room with a swamp view. Beds were also as hard as a rock. I guess you can’t ask for much considering the price. Some of my other family stayed in one of the recently renovated rooms at the contemporary, which was quite nice. I still love WDW, and wouldn’t trade it for anything, and I hope that my next trip tops this one.

Thanks for reading. I’m new so feel free to give me some tips for the future, or ask any questions.



Great TR :smile:

Only tip…Pictures.:smile: We love pictures


What a nice report!! I’ll bet we passed each other in Epcot on the 4th,as I was there too.