My lot of pins and watch on Ebay


Hi all. If interested I just put up a lot of pins and pirates watch on ebay. Item number is 220012890018. I dont know how to put a link on yet… Thanks…


Very cool! Good luck with your auction, but watch out, eBay gets so addicting! :laugh:


Thanks… I think I I set the price too high. Im new to this and dont know whats right and wrong…


I think it’s a good price. All of my auctions started really slow, but in the final few days, they have been jumping dramatically. So just give it time. You have some great pins and with the watch, I am positive it will sell.


Awsome. Thanks…With the new 07 packages comming out 8/7/06 I wanted to get a start on my savings for the trip. Plus Im tired of seeing pins all over the house. My kids arn’t really into collecting them.