My Mantra this trip - there's always another trip!


Dates: June 7-13
Cast: DD7 and me
My parents for part of the trip
Sister and DNiece 10 and DNephew12 for part of the trip
Stayed at the Grand Floridian

This was a special trip for us. My dad had a conference at the Grand Floridian and offered for our families to join he and my mom. Mom, Dad, DD7 and I arrived on Tues., June 7 and Sister and DN and DN arrived on Fri., June 10 (had to wait for the kids to get out of school). My parents only went into the parks on Saturday when we were all there.

Few Summary Thoughts - Our highlights well outweighed our lowlights by 100%.
Highlights: Family joining us for the trip.
DD7 and DNiece skipping to the tea cups with Alice and White Rabbit to take a ride.
DD7 losing a tooth and having a CM on Main Street make a HUGE deal about it and giving her a box of pixie dust.
Transportation to and from GF was wonderful.
Food was top notch at most places.
Unbelievable cast members.

Grand Floridian: For us, it didn’t live up to its reputation. Very poor mousekeeping, many unfriendly cast members, very small room. Many women at pool in thong bathing suits - which kids questioned quite a bit.
Photopass photographer at MK - when I asked him to take our picture, he ignored me and then, since I was just standing there, said, oh, I was hoping that if I ignored you, you would go away! The look on my sister’s face in those pics is priceless - she was shocked!
Heat - and a DD who was exhausted before we even got to WDW.

More to come.


Welcome back!

Love the highlights, especially the tooth. That must have been magical!!

Thongs, are you kidding me! We’ve seen them at TL here and there. Mostly foreignors wearing them. Just crazy at the resort.

DH wants to stay the GF just once and I do not. He says he wants to be like Thurston Howell III, LOL.


Glad it was an overall good trip. Welcome back!


I can’t wait to read your trip report!!!


[QUOTE=hiner;1081712]Welcome back!

Love the highlights, especially the tooth. That must have been magical!!

Thongs, are you kidding me! We’ve seen them at TL here and there. Mostly foreignors wearing them. Just crazy at the resort.

DH wants to stay the GF just once and I do not. He says he wants to be like Thurston Howell III, LOL.[/QUOTE]

Funny you make this comment about mostly foreigners. We went over to GF last week from BLT for lunch and honestly, most of what we saw were foreigners. Several large groups and families from Brazil and other South American countries. Not a problem at all, that just explains the thongs.

Funny about the Photopass guy, did you get his name and report it?


I also would have been shocked about the photopass person. Once I wanted to ask a question and three CMs were standing around talking and talking and talking (mostly about what an awful job this was) while I stood there.


Day 1 - check in and HS

Our flight arrived right on time. My parents were supposed to arrive 10 minutes before us but were delayed about an hour so we went ahead and got on ME because we thought it would be nicer to wait at hotel versus waiting at airport. No problems on ME and we were boarded and on our way to GF within 30 minutes of landing. My parents arrived shortly after us and had no problems on ME either (mom was nervous about it). Since it was early afternoon, our room was not ready yet. We left numbers for them to call (which they never did) and sent my parents to the pool while DD and I headed to HS for our Fantasmic lunch at Brown Derby. As we walked out to the bus stop, the HS bus pulled up - it was meant to be!

We were about an hour early for our ADR time so decided to grab FP for Tower of Terror and then see if they could take us early - sure enough, they seated us right away. This was our first time at Brown Derby. Food was quite good, although way too much of it. Our server was very friendly but very slow and not really on top of things. My DD didn’t want broccoli with her pasta and the server told her he thought she should get it as it was good for her - she did her best sad puppy face impression and batted her eyelashes at him. He said she could have anything she wanted with that face - and then proceeded to tell me how much trouble I was going to have with the boys as she got older! After he left, DD said to me, “see mom, the face really works well on boys”!! LOL.

After lunch/dinner, we hit some of our favs without lines (Muppets, movies, animation) and saw the Beauty and the Beast show. Then it was time for our FP for ToT. DD remembered loving it last visit and couldn’t wait to go on it (we rode it a few times last summer). Well, this time, not so much. Her screams were not out of fun - she had such a terrified look on her face - I felt so bad. She said it was fun but didn’t need to go on it any time soon!
After some shopping, it was time to head over to Fantasmic - this was our first time seeing it. I wish I had taken something for us to drink in with us because I couldn’t leave her alone and go to the concession stand and those that were walking around only had beer left when they got to our section. Doesn’t work well for a 7 year old!! We enjoyed the show but can’t say that I would do it every trip - the package was expensive and they were lining up a good hour to 2 hours before the show. Even though the park was open later, we headed back to GF as we were planning to spend the next day at Epcot and wanted to make rope drop.

During all of this, I checked in with my parents. When the hotel hadn’t called by 6, I sent my mom to the front desk to see what the problem was. No problems, room had been ready for hours but they hadn’t gotten around to calling us yet - found that a little odd.

Thanks for reading along!

We did not get the name of the photopass photographer because he had something over his pin. He was very unDisney like.


Thank you for the highlights, and great that you can not let the “lows” spoil your magic!!! Also thank you for making me feel better about sticking with Poly and not swaying to GF…DW & I keep saying we might do it one day when it is just her and I…I just don’t IMO feel it is really themed for kids.


We love the Poly and our room at the Poly was much larger than our room at GF. My sister said she didn’t think GF was geared towards children. I, being the defender of all things Disney, disagreed (because of the character themed meals) but I think she may be right. I was so looking forward to it because I knew this would probably be our only chance to stay there - I had high expectations - but I wouldn’t go back. The lows were so few, it couldn’t spoil our fun. And, my whole family was together and I got to share some of the Disney magic with them!


Enjoying the report! I’ve always wanted to stay at GF - if just for a weekend - I think your sister is right - definitely a more adult resort.

We’ve always had bad luck with the resort calling us about our rooms too- no matter where we’ve stayed. I think they just tell you that so you won’t be bothering them.:glare:


Can’t wait to read more of your TR! We ruled GF out after eating there several times. It is beautiful but just not for us yet. Maybe when the kids are older.


Day 2 - Epcot.

I had forgotten how long the monorail can be between GF and Epcot. Thus, we we missed rope drop but headed straight for our Soarin Fastpasses! Because we were a little late getting started, the line had started to build for TT - so my DD7 announces she wants to do the single rider line. I asked the CM at the entrance and he said by Disney standards, she is permitted to. We got in the line and hoped we would be on the same ride. We weren’t. Just one behind the other. I was very nervous about her riding by herself and in hindsight, had I thought more about it, wouldn’t have allowed it. But it was fine - she waited for me at the spot where you look at your photo - when I got there she had already gotten a photopass with her picture on it! So funny that she knew exactly what to do!

We then made our own roller coaster (so much fun) and took a spin on that before hitting Mission Space (non-sick side). Then it was time to grab another fastpass for TT.

We had originally planned to have lunch at Via Napoli but my mom wanted us to meet her back at the hotel for lunch (and my dd can’t get enough of her grammy) so back we went. We grabbed food at the counterservice restaurant (after cancelling our ADR) and then spent the afternoon at the pool. We also had ADRs for Garden Grill (we just love Chip & Dale) but I quickly realized we wouldn’t make it back in time - so I cancelled those. We headed back to Epcot around 7 and rode Soarin (with our FPs - still a 20 minute wait), and TT (w/ FPs) and had dinner at Marekesh (sp?). I loved my meal, DD, not so much. However she really loved the belly dancer and eventually got up and danced with her. She was so nice to my DD and really took an interest in her. Once I figure out how to posts pictures, I will have to post a couple from the dancing! Then, I promised my dad that I would bring him chocolate so off we went to Germany. Unfortunately, all had caramel - so brought those back for my mom. We were making a beeline for the exit because I wanted to leave before Illuminations started as DD needed to get to bed. As we are basically running to the exit, we pass someone I work with in Ohio. I did not take the time to talk to him but did confirm when I got back to work that it was him that we passed. I know, cue the music!!

We did take a cab back to the hotel ($15 with tip) so I could try to get DD to bed. She had slept for 3 days almost straight before we left on the trip and just wasn’t feeling herself. We did a quick visit to the doctor’s before we left on our trip to make sure she was healthy. She was - just tired from the school year and activities. So we really tried to take it slower and relax more. We didn’t get to do some of her fav things at Epcot - hence the mantra - there’s always next time! We had hoped her cousins would want to go Epcot when they joined us but they did not.

Up next, fun day at MK!


great tr where is the rest?


Sounds great so far! Can’t wait for more!


Great report so far. Glad the highs out-weighed any lows on your report. Can’t wait to read more and see some pictures!


Sounds like a great trip so far! Sorry to hear about your experience at MK with the photographer :angry:


Thanks! As I said, it was only one - rest were awesome and got some great shots. I’m always amazed at how pleasant CMs are - that’s part of what caught me so off guard. I thought perhaps he was joking, but clearly, he wasn’t. Just shot a couple of pics - no, stand here, look here, countdown, nothing.


Sorry I haven’t finished - real life interrupted. My company closed on its sale to one of our competitors and things have been crazy. Had to say goodbye to a few folks I have worked with for last 12 years. Not sure what my future will hold

Here are some pictures of my DD trying on hats. A couple are fuzzy - sorry - hate my camera (sure it’s user, not the camera)!


Here are a few pictures from Epcot.


On to Day 3 - MK Day.

We didn’t get moving quite as quickly as I had hoped because it was morning EMH at MK. We decided to take the boat as our room was a very short walk to the boat. The boat was just sitting there and we were the only ones - so the captain took the shot of us below. Then I took a couple of the GF - nothing like the others that LMM has been posting! and a couple coming up on the castle from the boat. I didn’t realize the route the boat took so we arrived about 15 minutes post rope drop but got through security and gate quite quickly.