My mini trip report...for now


We just got back from Disney after 11 days. I’ve got alot of laundry & unpacking to do so this report will be quick for now. My kids went back to school today for the first time and I just picked both kids up from school sick. They are both sleeping now. We had a wonderful trip except on the 9th day of our trip I got so sick that I vomited for about 12 hours straight. I hadn’t been drinking so it was just a freak thing…probably what my kids have now. My husband took the kids to the Spirit of Aloha without me. My prepaid ticket was wasted! We had soooo much fun the rest of our trip that we still had a wonderful time regardless of my being sick that one day…On our last day, we requested late checkout (1:00PM) and our flight was suppose to leave orlando at 7:35PM. So we had a good part of the day before getting to the airport. On the way to the airport, our rental car died. We were stranded for hours. Alamo didn’t care that we were going to miss our flight. We couldn’t find a taxi. My husband ended up leaving on foot to find some help & left me & the kids in the car scared to death. The car was dead & the windows were rolled down. We couldn’t get the car started to lock the car for our safety. We couldn’t walk anywhere or we’d have to leave our luggage, etc…behind. After hours, with no one stopping to help…my husband returned. We got a ride to the airport and made our flight 3 minutes…yes 3 minutes before they closed the gate! I got to the curbside at the airport in a state of panic. We got a ride from that volunteer crew who are helping to locate that 3 year old Caylee Anthony. Very nice people but it scared the heck out of us. ALAMO rental I left. They told me they’d get the dead vehicle within 48 hrs and charge me 2 extra days rental! I said No way Bucko. I don’t think so. I had to call VISA and make sure they don’t. Well, I’ll tell more later on my trip. Need to get some work done & check on the kids.:mad:


Wow it sounds like you have a very colorful trip! You poor things. I am really surprised by Alamo. We’ve always had great service with them. Can’t wait to hear all about your trip.


Welcome Home. Sorry to hear about you getting sick and the awful service Alamo gave you. I cannot wait to read your TR and see PICTURES.


I’ll write more on my trip when I can. But I’ve got to learn how to post my pictures. My daughter will have to teach me.


Alaine, I am going to move this thread into the Trip Report Forum, ok?

OMG, I can’t even imagine what that must have been like to be stranded like that. I hope you’re going to give that rental company a piece of your mind.

You must find the time to give us a detailed report of your adventures :smile:


Holy cow, Alaine!! I’m floored by Alamo’s incredibly poor response.

Glad you were able to take such a long trip! Sorry you and the kids got sick. Post again when things settle down.


Well, I’m glad you were able to enjoy most of your trip. I can’t believe your car broke down. IF you don’t have AAA get it. I believe you are covered even in a rental.
I can’t wait to hear more once everyone is healthy.


[QUOTE=dancing4disney;893155]Well, I’m glad you were able to enjoy most of your trip. I can’t believe your car broke down. IF you don’t have AAA get it. I believe you are covered even in a rental.
I can’t wait to hear more once everyone is healthy.[/QUOTE] You know, the strange thing is we do have AAA. We first called Alamo 24 hr road side assistance number and when they refused to help us, we called AAA. They said they’d help us but it would take up to 2 hours. So, while we waited for them we kept calling Alamo. My husband was on his cell non stop with one rep…I calling the Alamo manager, AAA, the police, taxi services on my cell…It was like a scary movie…no one cared. Alamo said they’d give me a replacement vehicle but wouldn’t bring it to me for 4 hours! My flight would’ve been long gone by then. A taxi couldn’t fit all our luggage.


WElcome home. Sorry you got sick and miss SOA. Can’t wait to hear all about your report. Just continue it in this thread rather than start a new one. I can edit your title if you want me to.


I can’t tell my DH your story or else he’ll want to leave for the airport 12 hrs early “just in case”. We have taken ME for the last few yrs and always, always try to get on the next earlier bus because DH is so freaky about something going wrong.

I hope the dead car and one day sickness was all the bad stuff and now you’ll have a ton of great stuff to share.


Wow! That sounds like a scary movie!! Glad it worked out in the end. Can wait to see your pics and hear about your trip! Hope the kids are feeling better!!