My MNSSHP came today!


I’m so excited my tickets came today in the mail. After my 1st set got lost in the mail I finally rec my 2nd set. So Madison and I are going on Friday Sept 18th. Is any other MBers going on that date?


I haven’t decided if I’m going the 15th or the 18th…if i leave my DDP ressies as they are then the 18th would be MUCH better. I forgot about MNSSHP when I made them…

and I’ve got to decide what to go as…


I was going to go on the 11th but at that time I purchased the tickets I was checking in on that day then I decided to add a day so I thought of the 15th may be less crowded BUT my DD is having her big bday celebration on the 16th so we needed our sleep so I went with the 18th. I just hope it isn’t too crowded.