My Mom and Dad



I just made their room reservations, I have our reservations linked and was advised by Norma Jean the CM to call WL 3 days before we leave to request adjoining rooms…

My parents haven’t been to DISNEY since the late 80’s - they are going to be so surprised at the changes since they were there.

Now I just have to talk my Mom into using a wheel chair, she has a problem walking at time. Maybe I should just get a chair when I get there and then she’ll have to use it…:laugh:

Oh what a wonderful christmas is sure was…


That’s great! They sure are in for a lot of changes since the last time they were there. How exciting!!


My Dad has been wanting to go back for years, but Mom didn’t want to but yesterday while we were relaxing after opening presents Dad and I were talking and he looked at my Mom and she said, if you want to we’ll go… YEAH!!! we are going to have a wonderful time, now I have to figure out what we are going to do when…

I am really looking forward to the trip already, having my Mom and Dad there will make it even better… besides I know they will have a great time.


How awesome, Dee!!!


That is great news…


Aw - that’s GREAT!! Your mom will have a great time, I’m sure. And being at WL will make it even nicer! Be sure to stop in at the Canadian Pavillion and say hi to my Emily!


Oh my gosh. You are going to have so much fun reintroducing them to Disney World and I’m so excited for your parents. They’re going to have a ball!


My Mom is in the final stages of kidney failure and is unable to do too much walking. We rented a motorized scooter for her 3 day visit to MK. The CM may be able to help set up the reservation. It was easier than pushing a wheelchair around.