My Moms May 2008 Trip


So Im SOOOO excited!

May 16-19 Im taking my mom to DLR for her first time in 12 years!!! She was last there for the 40th Anniversary, We cant wait! 2 days in the parks and 2 days for travel, it will be SO fun! :biggrin:

I chose May because the crowds usually arent too bad and the weather is nice and everything is bloomed and most if everything is open.

I know its still months away but hey, have to start planning now and I just wanted to share my excitement with all my friends!

Ive booked a room at the Park Vue Inn (nice and close) and Ive got her tickets reserved already, so that area is covered.

But woo, it will be fun! :mickey: :smile:


It is NEVER to early to start planning your trip. Enjoy!!



I wish I lived within driving distance of the parks…

My situation is so bad I will be lucky to afford Hawaii by June… :pinch:

Take lots of photographs, please. It will help ease the separation anxiety… :laugh: