My mouth is watering. LTT Thankgiving!


I literally woke up this morning realizing I was just dreaming of the following scene:

It’s Thanksgiving Day at the MK, all 10 people in the ‘Wishy’ family party are waiting patiently in the Liberty Tree Tavern waiting room. The smell of roasted turkey and stuffing waft from every corner & we finally hear that GLORIOUS call:

“Now seating the ‘Wishy’ party from the great state of NJ!”**

As we turn the corner there’s Minnie, Dale, Chip, Pluto and the whole gang ready to greet hungry pilgrims. We are seated & before we know it are sinking our teeth into the yummiest Thanksgiving feast this side of Fantasyland! :biggrin:

I CANNOT WAIT!! Are you kidding me??? I am one WEEK, 6 days, 7 SLEEPS AWAY from arriving!! I just bought milk with an expiration date longer than that!! EEEKKKK! :happy:

** NO, my reservation is NOT under “Wishy” :laugh: and yes, only TWO people in our party of 10 will be from NJ. I guess ultimately “The Great State of Florida” is going to win with 8 representatives in our group. :pinch:


Now my mouth is watering!!! You are SOOOOOO close!!! YIPPEEEEEEE!!!


:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: How exciting! I too am anxiously awaiting the Thanksgiving feast, but you’ll be eating yours at WDW!! Oh, the anticipation…


Its is so close I can taste it. We will be there for Thanksgiving and eating at the Garden Grill where they will have the characters available for pics. We went there last year and I and the kids absolutely loved it! Hubby was grumbling about my food tasting better, but I know the Grill did a great job especially because I was the one getting pampered and not the one doing the pampering that year…hence why I have declared Disney our Thanksgiving tradition from hence forth!


We had dinner there 11/2 before the Halloween party! Great food and all the characters, what fun!!! Hope you have a Magical time.


Hey Wishy, I’m single digit dancing with you!!!
Hope to see you guys in the 'hood next week!!
:laugh: :laugh:


Yummy Yummy…WDW is wonderful and everything but I can’t wait for Thanksgiving in general!!! AND the day after…we go shopping and buy the tree…and this is the first place we’ve ever lived where it’s actually cold!! Yes! I bought a winter coat this year! Whoohoo!


That picture is making me drool!


OMGosh, I would love to be included in that feast. I know you’ll have a grand time, you always do :smile:

See you there :wink:


STOP IT!!! You’re KILLIN’ me! :laugh:


oh yummy…what a great choice for thanksgiving dinner!!!


Here’s the BEST part, we have TWO Thanksgiving dinners booked!! :biggrin:

12:30 pm: Liberty Tree Tavern

8:00 pm: 1900 Park Fare

:pinch: :laugh: YUM!


Yummy Yummy!!!
I cannot wait for Thanksgiving! And…I cannot believe I am up this early!:laugh: :laugh:


I think LTT would be the perfect place for Thanksgiving (although we did 50’s PT before, and it was good food and a homey atmosphere). MK is emh morning that day, which will just add to the insane crowd, but if we hadn’t picked Thursday as our SeaWorld day, we’d be right there with you!

Our LTT Thanksgiving meal will just come a few days early this year!