My name is Nicole...and I am a Disneyaholic


Okay, I think I just made it official. I am in need of a 12 step program, an intervention…or something.

I just booked our trip for Oct 30, 2010-Nov 6, 2010. I have been waiting anxiously for them to open up for this far ahead. It is all I have been thinking about since we returned in February. This will be nearly 2 years of planning & waiting for this vacation. I have never planned anything this far in advance-not even my wedding.

I have known for quite some time that I have had a minor Disney related addiction, but I have come to realize that Disney has had a hold on me since my first trip in 1986, as a teenager.

My first tip off of the impending slide into Disney abyss should have been that we planned a Disney Fairytale Wedding. Then, I guess I passed the addiction on to my kids, in-utero, because they too are Disney obsessed.

Then, about 2 years, came what should have been the Disney equivalent to an overdose. I got a Disney themed tattoo:ohmy:. Now, that may not sound like much, but it is completely out of character for me. I have no other tattoos, mid-30’s, and I permanently marked my body with a tattoo that covers a 4x8" area on my lower back. This has solicited an outpouring of conversation at Disney World when I have bent over and it has “peeked” out. I rationalize my addiction by telling myself that this is harmless. I don’t drink, smoke or do drugs, so do I really have a problem?

I would like to know, am I as crazy as I think?:confused: Are all of you as Disney obsessed like this? What is the most Disney obsessive thing you have done?

This forum will hopefully save me from spending $$ on a therapist … Hmmm… money saved = money for Disney:laugh:


To sum up: You’ve come to the right place.:happy:


Your not crazy at all. My DH has actually asked me if we could talk about something other than Disney, but honestly the conversation always seems to come back to our upcoming trip and where were are going to stay, eat, etc.


So what’s the tattoo?


You have come to the right place! I so understand. When the Disney commercials come on I get butterflies in my belly :redface:!!
I don’t think my family is going to be able to put w/ me till our next trip in June of 2010.
I’ve tried to explain it to my freinds and family but they just look at me like I am CRAZY:eek: Don’t get me wrong they like the place too, but no butterflies for them:huh::huh:
A tattoo? OH my what a GREAT idea! What is yours of?

~Robyn…a Disneyholic too,and loving it!!!:wub::wub::wub::wub:


A tattoo? OH my what a GREAT idea! What is yours of?

~Robyn…a Disneyholic too,and loving it!!!:wub::wub::wub::wub:[/QUOTE]

Mine’s the Cheshire Cat.:happy:


You are not alone…I know there is at least one member with a tatoo. Being a Disney addict is alot of fun…tinker2222 you live very close to me!


OOOh are you in MA, dancing4disney?


Hi Nicole and welcome to the world most of us here live in. In three weeks or so, I’ll get my fix!

But it just doesn’t last long enough.


You are in the right place. The Disney family here is great. When you have a question, need info, or just want to tell about your trip, all you have to do is post it. We all love Disney, and will always love it. lol


Yes, you are crazy.


Ha,ha, but so are the rest of us. You most certainly are in the right place.:happy:


:laugh::laugh::laugh: My story’s the same! My DH won’t even listen to me anymore when I want to talk about Disney and he is in fact at the moment telling me to “stop surfing the Disney blog! Is there really anything on there you don’t already know?”. Hey! I learn new things every day! :glare:

And my tattoo is of Tinkerbell. I’m thinking of getting a baby Dumbo or Simba…2 of my favorites! :simba:


You’re among friends. The end. :mickey:


[QUOTE=TaraRae82;984729]You’re among friends. The end. :mickey:[/QUOTE]SO true! :laugh:


:laugh: As I was typing, DH walked by rolling his eyes!!!Nope, he likes it but doesn’t get it. Lucky enough he puts up with it!!!:wub:


Welcome Nicole. You think you have an addicition now? The longer your here the worst it gets. Your among friends who live Disney.


“Addiction”? DW and I prefer the term “affection”. Welcome to your new support group!


Welcome to our world! :biggrin:


I think we need to start new thread for our husbands…“Hi my name is **** and I’ve lost my wife to DISNEY!!!” :laugh::laugh::laugh:


Oh I like that!:heart: