My new favorite planning website


Just ran across this site yesterday

Free Disney World Crowd Calendars, Ride Reviews, Resort Reviews, Restaurant Reviews, and More. They have detailed crowd predictions, hotel and restaurant rankings and some pretty exhaustive month to month analysis. They rank restaurants according to value, location variety.

The analysis of the dining plan alone looks very well done

Is It Worth the Cost and Time? ? easyWDW

I also liked the best days to visit analysis.

Best Dates to Visit Disney World ? easyWDW

And no ads or sponsorships to be seen.


Oooh, this looks awesome. Thanks for sharing! How did you find it?


I searched google for typhoon lagoon crowds. The crowd analysis is similar to touring plans but free and you can printout the Calendar for each month


That is some great information! So the best I can tell I’m going to be annoyed with the crowds going at the end of March/beginning of April…and I should definately book in the Fall to enjoy the low price and low crowds!


This is a great site!! Changes my plan a bit. Do I go to the park with EMH in the morning or do I stick with a park that has a 3,4, or 5 crowd level?


Thanks for the tip. I shall trot off and explore it now…

in a minute…

today sometime.


Nice site -


Wow really great site- lots of info- thank you


Lap bars on Splash Mountain?!

thanks for the site! can never get or have enough info! :happy:


Love it!! Gave me some good info.


This is an excellent site! I love the no-nonsense approach! No fancy stuff - just the facts! Thanks for letting us know about it! I’ve added it to my Disney Favourites.


Ooo…can’t wait to check it out!!! Thank you for the info:)


Wow! Great site, it is like a free version of I still like the lines version of touringplans but this is a really cool site. Good job!


Great site!


Oooo…thanks for the info - great site! I’m going to go check it out more!


Thanks for sharing!


Are you kidding me…it’s blocked on our list of viewable sites from school. How can any Disney site be access denied :ohmy:. That’s just criminal! Guess i’ll have to wait till i get home to check it out. Thx for the link.


thank you I will check it out !


Very informative site, but bland. They need color on there or something. It makes for a boring read. Sorry I like my sites BOLD and colorful.


Thank you for sharing, so excited about our upcoming trip