My Next Adventure DL Grand California


I just hung up with DVC. I have made reservations for 10/7-10/13 at the DL Grand California. We are in the Concierge rooms… I just love Concierge, I don’t think I can ever go back to a regular room. This will be our first time staying at the Grand California Resort. We have stayed at the DL many times.


Congrats! The Grand Californian is truly a great hotel…


That hotel is soooo beautiful, I would love to stay there (especially in a concierge room)! Congrats on your next adventure! :happy:


OoOoO! I am so excited for you! We stayed at the Grand Californian this past June with out DVC points & I LOVED IT, LOVED IT, LOVED IT!!! Definately one of my top 3 Disney resorts I’ve ever stayed in! You’ll fall in love!


That is such a beautiful Hotel! Congrats on your stay! It reminded me of WL when we first walked in. Probably why I liked it so much.


I am pretty excited. My teenage daughter aren’t too thrilled. We walked through the lobby last time we stayed at the DL. The girls are convinved it is noisy and crowded. After all they are teenagers and the KNOW IT ALL… LOL. I am thinking about going down a day early and staying at Knotts Berry Farm for a night or 2. Then those girls will appreciate Disneys Grand Californian.


Knott’s Berry Farm?:ohmy: :blink: Oh yes…they will def. appreciate GC! The Grand Californian is a beautiful hotel. Didn’t want to leave!!!


We stayed at the Grand Californian in 2003, and we absolutely loved it! It was so fun to see the lights of Disney’s California Adventure from our room. I especially liked that the room we stayed in had a queen bed, a bunk bed, and a trundle under the bunk. How I wish that some of WDW’s rooms would have that layout!!! You will have a fabulous time!


After the Grand Californian, Paradise Pier and Disneyland Hotel are just boring boxes. Add to that the rooms that look directly into DCA and the service.
You’ll love it, and if you’ve stayed at the Wilderness Lodge, you’ll feel like you’ve been here before, because in a way, you have.


I think the taxi is about $20 or 25 each way from Disneyland to Knott’s, unless you have a car. Plus Knott’s closes earlier than DL, you can pretty much do Knott’s in a day if it isn’t crowded, and most Disneyland packages seem to offer 5 day tickets, so you can hop Knott’s in the morning and Disneyland at night.


How exciting! you will NOT be dissapointed by this hotel! If you loved DLH then you will be just AMAZED by the GCH, Have fun! :smile:


Ehhh, I’ll have to disagree with that one googlepuss. I stayed at DL Hotel FIRST and then the Grand Californian. I was nervous that I’d never want to go back to the DL Hotel! ACTUALLY, after staying at the GC… yes, it WAS absolutely amazing & I loved it but I kinda missed the DL Hotel! :happy: DL Hotel is just SOO charming & quintisentially Disney. There are SO many surprises around every corner & there was something very special about staying in the very first EVER “Disney Hotel.”

I’ll definately agree with the notion of Paradise Pier being a “big boring box!” :laugh: That place has got to go! Never was a fan, it’s just an old Travelodge converted to a semi-Disney motel. A lot of people like it, ok fine, but I just never felt any magic walking in those doors.

:heart: I love Grand Californian though! :heart: Can’t go wrong there!


Lol. There were two Travelodges and a pizza joint by the old Pan Pacific…

It was a very nice hotel when it was new and independant…


I just have a question-if you are using DVC, how were you able to book it so early? I thought it had to be 7 months in advance? We are staying at Grand Californian for our first ever DLR trip in June, and want to stay at Boardwalk in August, and we have to wait until the end of the month to book the Boardwalk trip because it has to be 7 months out. DVC is confusing me:wacko:


Congrats on booking your trip! We just changed from WDW to doing Disneyland instead this year and booked the Disneyland Hotel. It is our first time staying “on-site” at DL, so we are very excited! Have a great trip!


No, don’t be confused. That is correct, I am near 100% sure you can’t book a Disneyland Resort Hotel with DVC until 7 months before.

Not sure how rshenry did it, hopefully we’ll get the scoop! :happy:


wait- let me answer this with the hopes that I guessed right… the rest of you can correct me if Im wrong because I just might be?

Because they are staying at Disneyland - its part of the Disney collection and not the Disney resorts? Disney Collection as well as the other programs have different rules applied to them… did I guess right?


I must say that I agree with what you say about DLH! I love staying there too:happy: I am really happy staying at either GC or DLH! I have stayed at Paradise Pier…it was…OK…and I’d stay there in a pinch if necessary…but much rather stay in the other two. BTW…Paradise Pier hotel was never a Travelodge or motel. The hotel was originally built by a Japanese company…I think it was called the Emerald or something like that…It was built specifically for the Japanese market. Yamabuki is a through back to when it was that hotel.


i have never been able to stay onsite at DLR- I have family in Oxnard and Ventura so I always stay there and just do a day trip. I would love to experience that!


I think I would have liked it better if the Japanese made it a Disney Capsule Hotel. :laugh: :laugh: Imagine little capsules you had to sleep in with big Mickey ears on them? :mickey: