My Next Vacation Idea!


We leave Chicago Friday night April 28, get to Orlando Sat afternoon and stay at the Comfort-Inn to relax after the drive Sat. night. Sun the 30th we check in at the Nick Hotel (where my DD really wants to stay) for 3 nights. Sunday we go to Univ/IOA, Mon. to Seaworld, Tue. back to Univ./IOA. Wed. we check into !!!- The Poly -!!! for 3 nights 4 days. On the last Sat. night we check back in to the Comfort-Inn to rest for the trip home. Sun. we leave and get back home Monday early. At this point this trip would cost around $3500.00 not incl. car, food and spending money. How does this sound?


It sounds like you are going to have a great time!!! You really planned this one out! Have fun! :mickey:


Woo hoo! The Poly and the Nick Hotel! You win Dad of the year award for sure!


Wow! What a trip! A little bit of everything. Sounds wonderful.


Sounds good to me!! I’m bad at knowing if prices are any good unless I break out the spreadsheets, but your plans sound awesome!


I wanna stay at the Poly and the NIck, too! You’re def. the coolest dad ever!


Sounds like a great deal/plan. You should have a blast!


It sounds great,even if you’re going to “That Other Place!!!”


It’s just a little vacation from our vacation. :ninja:


I’m finding a great deal thru Orbitz on airfare for the 1st week of May, boy, it would be good to fly.


Awe thanks. It’s WDW Magic