My OFFICIAL review of Coronado Springs


I just made it home this afternoon from my week long trip in Disneyworld. We stayed at Coronado Springs. Lets start from the beginning:

  1. We arrived there about 11:30…approximately 3 & 1/2 hours before check-in time. We requested Cabana 9b over 6 months ago. I was told “We cant guarantee anything, its based on first-come-first-served”. Did we get the cabana ? No. Who did ? Every single one of the conventioners.Literally every person I saw walking to and from rooms in the Cabana 9b was wearing a name tag,and toting a brief case. So it was obivous where Coronado’s priorities were.

  2. The lady who checked us in forgot to give us our room keys (although they werent activated to a room,yet, we still needed them to get into the parks and use our dining plan.) We walked outside,and thought about it for a minute, and we realised we needed them, so we went back inside and had to ask her for them. Of couse she gave them to us and apoligized.

  3. We were told our room would be ready at 3…no later than 4. Folks, we didnt see the inside of our room til nearly 5pm.:mad:

  4. Our first night there, we went to go to sleep and my wife pulled back the blankets to crawl into what she was expecting to be clean fresh, comfy sheets…There were 4 or 5 “bodily hairs”:eek: laying right on top of the bottom sheet. Lets just say they werent from someone’s head. I’ll leave it at that, b/c this thread has to be rated “G”. We immediatly called housekeeping to report the problem. It took them about 20 minutes to get to the room. Did i forget to mention this was all happening at about 11p.m. and we had been up that day since 3 a.m. to catch our flight that morning ? Now ask me if the houskeeper came in and changed the sheets for us ? C’mon…ask me. Ill give ya two guesses…your only gonna need one. No, she didnt. She handed me the sheets and said “heres your sheets”, and walked off.:crying:

I was on the phone with the front desk in a heatbeat, I was trying to transfer to any other moderate resort. All of them were booked except Caribbean Beach, but we would have been downgraded from having a king sized bed, to having 2 full sized beds. Not to mention the fact they wouldnt come and get us, they told us to call a taxi, and they would re-imburse us for it. We decided it wasnt worth it, and we stayed at Coronado.

To sum it all up, the service was sub-par, they are DEFINITLY a convention resort and heavily favor the convention guests as compared to the normal vacationers. The rooms were really small,compared to other resorts,the bed was really really firm. I remember caribbean beaches being alot more comfortable. It just really did not feel like Disney at all. There was nothing special about this resort. In 2005 when we went to Caribbean Beach, even the housekeepers did their part to spread the magic.Every day when we came back to the room, it had already been cleaned and we always have a neat animal or flower made out of the towels they dropped off earlier. One day they even took the gigantic Stich stuffed animal I bought,and put him in the window,with the lights on, so when we returned to the room that night,he was there to greet us.It was hilarous. 

If I had it to do all over again.........I think a Motel 6 or a hoilday Inn would be an upgrade compared to Coronado. :crying:


WOW! I am so sorry you had a subpar experience there! DH and I actually considered staying there for our next trip. We actually liked the theming of the resort and absolutely LOVED Maya Grill! One of our top places to eat at WDW now! YUM! But after hearing your review, I really think I will reconsider. Thanks for the info. Hope you had a great trip regardless!


Our friends stayed there in 02 (their first visit to WDW) and didn’t like it either, because of all the conventioners. They have since gone back and stayed at POR and liked it a lot better.


We don’t like it either, we stayed there in September and the service was horrible. It is not geared for families, only for conventions, I was extremely disappointed, because the theming is excellent and the Mayan Grill is fantastic, and the resort truly is beautiful.


It sounds like you had a terrible time. Our stay at Coronado was excellent, and in fact, it’s our favorite resort of all the moderates (we have stayed at each of them). We had a really unpleasant experience at CBR, and wouldn’t stay there again, to be honest. I hope the rest of your vacation was great!


I am sorry that you had a bad room there and that you didn’t like the resort.

So it goes to show that everyone can have a bad experience when the people in the neighboring room have the best experience.
I wouldn’t knock the resort because of it.

I was afraid after roxie’s review of POR, that we would have a bad time there as well, but it was just as we had remembered it, only better :wink:


Sorry to hear about your trouble…we stayed there in Sept. and it was just ok.
But we did get our room at 11 am and we also like CBR better.


Next time, try our beloved POR!!!


That’s a great idea.


Yes, POR is beautiful, and we had a great time there as well.


To be fair to Coronado - we had “bodily hairs” and other “stains” on our bedding at the Wilderness Lodge in Sept 06 - as well as bad service, and extremely late check-in. So I don’t think that aspect is unique to this resort.

When staying at AKL for our honeymoon this year, we were not given the room area we requested either, so I know that its just a Disney thing. They don’t guarantee it. We were a honeymoon couple who just spent more than $20,000 having our wedding there, brought 52 people down with us, and spent like maniacs. But that didn’t matter either. So its not so much that the conventioners had priority, but there is something behind he scenes in room
allocation that sometimes goes awry.

The Beach Club managed to lose some of our wedding gifts sent down to us last time were there too. It just happens in hotel management, no matter which resort you choose.

My experience with customer service and cleanliness were best at Coronado, so I think it all depends on who/what/when, you know?

I hope your next stay at Disney is better :slight_smile: Thanks for sharing your feedback!


You did an amazing job of putting things into perspective here. You spent a small fortune for your wedding and still didn’t get the area you requested at AKL, so that tells you about room requests!

(and frighteningly, body hairs and stains are not limited to WL and CSR:eek:)


I would love to try POR, but the sink space is limited so it’s back to CBR for us!:laugh:


Sorry about your stay. I’ve had nothing but great experiences at CSR.

I disagree with the catering to convention guests. I’ve been to CSR 9 times and have gotten cabana 8a or 9b 7 times. Our first trip we didn’t know to request and got a casita room and once when we arrived late we got a rancho room.


Oh yikes! Sorry you had such a bad experience. I didn’t dislike CSR (we’ve only stayed there once), but it was enough for me to get the same feeling you did - they definitely cater to the conventions. Just not the same “Disney” atmosphere.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again - Disney is getting too greedy - they’re trying to fill hotels and parks to the limit, but in doing so they cannot keep up with training staff they way they use to. It seems that more and more people have these sorts of complaints. There is NO excuse for ANY hair of any kind to be in any bed in a Disney Resort. For the amount of money you are paying for a Disney vacation, that is intolerable.

When we checked into BWV last Sept, we found that the garbage hadn’t been emptied. An oversight, I’m sure - but I don’t like my first act at WDW to be taking out the garbage.:glare:


I’m really looking forward to my convention there next December now. :eek:



I must say we had nice clean sheets at POP.