My ONE DAY EPCOT/MGM/DTD trip report


As many may have already known I was lucky enough to spend one day in WDW this past weekend. :happy: It may have been a twisted little tease to only have one day but it was a blast! My husband and I were visiting his family in south Florida and I decided this would be a great opportunity to bring my best friend to our favorite park for the day… EPCOT, as a Christmas gift to each other!!!

I awoke at 4am in the morning to drive to West Palm to pick up Michele. :pinch: We do not get to see each other often enough since I now live in NJ and she’s still in Florida. The whole 3 hour car ride was spent just as I had suspected; gabbing, gabbing, gabbing about everything from fond memories of past Disney trips together, our jobs, boys, and friends. :tongue: It was GREAT to have all that girl time, especially knowing that at the end of our good gabfest we’d end up in “the world.”

We arrived right before 9am and picked up our one day park hopper tickets. I am so glad they had decided to make that a ticket option b/c for people like us just going to ONE park would be too much to resist.

Unfortunately, upon arrival the skies were sullen grey. :dry: The drizzle wasn’t enough to excuse the purchase of a black mickey umbrella, yet not insignificant enough to prevent my hair from resisting my 4am attempts at straightening. Alas, the drizzly day seemed to keep the Saturday crowd at bay and park attendance was CERTAINLY not the mad house I was prepared to face. :rolleyes:

After making my traditional fountain wish (and NO I won’t tell you what I wished :wink: ) in front of Spaceship Earth and riding that attraction we made our way to “The Land” pavillion and got our FP for Soarin’, which 30 minutes after park opening had a standby wait of approx. 40 minutes. Not so bad, but we still opted for a FP. We went on The Land boats, headed over to Imagination, which was “walk on.” I even got into a quite spirited conversation with a Kodak rep. upon enterting “Imagination Station.” He was telling me all different ways to optomize my experience with my Kodak camera and was a complete tech-head in his responses and suggestions. :blink: Half the time I had no clue what he was talking about but smiled and nodded hoping that Michele was listening a little better than I was. :wacko:

It was time to tend to our date with 'Soarin so we headed over with much excitement. Michele loved it but I am going to remain very insistant that if you want the BEST ride experience insist on sitting on the top row. This is the second time I’ve been in the middle or bottom and the experience just isn’t as grand if you see feet dangling above you. It was amazing none the less.

After a brief hot chocolate stop we were lucky enough to meet and take photos with Mickey, Donald, Chip & Dale, and Goofy in the “Character Connection” behind Club Cool. It was unexpected and a lot of fun!!

We decided to head over to the World Showcase because, in great tradition, Michele and I spend the most time here than anything else in EPCOT. I should also mention that Michele hates Mission Space and isn’t too fond of Test Track so we pretty much skipped those two attractions. We shopped in every single pavillion and ended up taking home more things than I think I packed for the whole weekend. :angel: We had a frozen margarita in Mexico :wacko: , rode the boats, and headed to Norway. The Maelstrom only had about a 10 minute wait so of course we got right in line. My only complaint was this creepy guy behind us who kept looking over my shoulder while I was sending pictures on my cell phone to someone very special who couldn’t be with me that day. He also kept conveniently brushing into me every time we turned a corner in line. :eek: Then when it was time to get on the boats even though the CM had instructed him to sit in row 3 alone in front of us he came right behind me and sat in our row!!! :eek: It was kinda weird. Anyway, the trolls said to say hello to everyone here on DC and say they miss creeping everyone out so please return soon. :pirate:

We continued to shop, eat, and socialize our way across the globe and even saw a quick glimpse of Snow White next to the German pavillion. My big bonus of the day was unexpectedly found in the French pavillion!!! For the past several months I’ve been trying to find my signature perfume and it seems they are discontinuing distribution to the US. WELL, they had it in the french pavillion so I bought three huge bottles!! I was SO excited and relieved to finally find it!!! YAY!

After finishing our whirlwind world tour we decided to take the boat over to MGM Studios. It was now nearly 4:30pm and realized that MGM would be closing at 8pm that night so facing an approximately 30 minute boat ride we wanted to get a move on. Some of you may remember I had made a PS (sorry, it will always be a PS in my heart) for San Angel at 5pm, we had decided to forego that commitment and opt for a “quick service” salad so we would have more time to enjoy MGM.

We arrived at MGM and headed over to Rockin’ Rollercoaster which had an expected 50 minute stand by wait with no more FP available for the evening. We walked around, took some pictures, and enjoyed the holiday fare. We headed over to the Great Movie Ride, Star Tours, and a Michele/Jessica FAVORITE… MUPPETS!!! You have no idea how muppet obsessed we are, hehe. All of those attractions had VERY minimal waits. One we reluctantly returned our Muppet 3-D glasses we made our way to the whole reason why we wanted to visit MGM that evening… the Osbourne Lights!!!

I should first preface this by saying that Michele and I have attented the Osbourne Lights together from the first time it was introduced and have never been dissapointed. Our favorite are the snowflake glasses usually handed out by CMs that turn all points of light into 3-D snowflakes. Well, we were HEARTBROKEN to find out that they didn’t have them this year!!! :crying: We were both so upset but it really didn’t take away from the beauty and uniqueness of the display. Although, if we would have known our traditional 3-d snowflake glasses weren’t being offered we would have brought our own that we’ve saved from years passed. :ninja:

It was now nearly 7:45 and decided to say goodnight to MGM and the beautiful lights. Instead of putting ourselves through the riggers of taking a bus to a resort, then transfering to a DTD bus we opted for a cab. It was $10 (with tip) to get from MGM to DTD but well worth the time saved. Once we arrived we shopped our little hearts out again and shared a snack before making our way to the car.

By 9:45pm we were in the rental car, waving goodbye to WDW for the time being and needless to say… EXHAUSTED!!! :sleeping: :sleeping: :sleeping:

Somehow I survided the tedious 2 &1/2 hour drive back to West Palm to drop Michele off and then the additional 45 minute ride alone back to Fort Lauderdale.

:mickey: :heart: :mickey: It was wonderful, even just for a day!! :mickey: :heart: :mickey:

Now, pictures!!! Please excuse the poor quality, I am only sharing photos I took on my camera phone right now b/c I am having problems uploading pictures from my “real” camera. Where is that “Imagination Station” Kodak rep. when I need him??? sheesh!!!


Sounds like a perfect disney day. I love your picture…you guys are to cute! :heart: :wub: :heart: :wub:


A hidden Mickey in Morocco.


Only Muppet fans would understand, hehe.


Just decorations :happy:


Donald and Wish!


I love pictures!!

Thanks Wish.


Ohhhh, the BEAUTIFUL lights…


Yay!! I love it…now on with the pictures!!


Too bad there were no “snowflake glasses” still beautiful though, aye? :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub:


You have totally made my day with all those great pcitures. Thanks for that. :heart:


Michele finds our pictures!!!


Pheonomanel (sp) TR Wish! But I wouldn’t expect anything less from you. I fear that after reading all these awesome TR’s, mine is going to be weak when I get back in January.


Wish finds the needs to stop for some hot chocolate in “The Land.”


Two VERY lucky ladies!!! :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub:


Wish, in her element… ahhhhhhh.


mmmmm, jellybeans and M&M’s. I thought they only had the pastel ones at Easter :tongue:


I thought I should include a photo of the whole reason we went down to visit Florida in the first place, hehe… and it was NOT just to go to EPCOT :angel: Here is a photo of my husband’s family.

From left to right: my MIL Karen, her husband Nick, my SIL rebekah, ME (Wish), SIL Julie, Daniel my husband towards the back, his grandmother “bubie.”

Hope everyone enjoyed the trip report!!! OK, that was just one weekend, IMAGINE when I go to DL in June… haha, you’re ALL in for it!!! :heart:


That’s the Guerlain make-up in the French pavilion!!(Great report btw,Wish!!)


oi…you make me want to be there now!