My overnight TR May 20- 21


Well, we get up bright and early and get the dog over to my in-laws and we are on our way. We arrive to AKL around 9:00 A.M and I am awestruck. The grounds are just beautiful here and as the resort comes in to sight I cannot believe how pretty it is. I have to say that neither pictures or TV does it justice. It is much better in person. We valet the car and head in to check in and hopefully get our room. Well, as we are checking Dh asks for an upgrade and the CM says sorry they are fully booked. Then she says hold on I’ll be right back. She is gone for about 5 minutes and comes back saying she was concerned that she didn’t have a room for us AT ALL , however she found one. Whew ! Now, if they didn’t have one there, would they upgrade to another hotel? So anyway, we can’t get into the room so we check the luggage in and head off to Epcot.I love the Flower and Garden show. It is so beautiful. I took lots of pictures, but don’t have them developed yet. I really like the butterfly garden. DD liked Tinkerbell’s fairy garden. We did Spaceship Earth first and then headed to TT since in the 8 years it has been open, I have NEVER gotten to go on it.It is always either under rehab or broken when we go. Well, wouldn’'t you know it, it was down AGAIN !!! I couldn’t believe it ! I said that to the CM in front of TT and he gave us a fastpass return good for up to 6 people in case it started up again later.


Sorry to hear that TT was down! I know how you feel, last year on the two times we tried to ride it, it was down! We got that same fast pass for up to six people but we didn’t get a chance to use it!


Great start! How was your room? :mickey:


What did you do after you didn’t do TT? :sad:


Yeah…another trip report. Have I mentioned this is my favortie part of dc? lol Can’t wait to hear it all. :heart:


OK, sorry it has taken me this long to get back on here, but things have been busy ! Anyway, We decided to walk around Epcot and enjoy the extras there for the Flower and Garden show. I loved the Butterflies and DD liked Tinkerbell’s Garden. Then we headed over to WS to our ADR in Mexico for lunch. We did the boat ride first and then decided to check in. DH and I enjoy our Margaritas and have a good lunch as always. After lunch we stroll around the countries from Mexico to Canada with a couple of stops along the way. In Norway, we had to ride The Maelstrom. In China, DD met Mulan and was thrilled by that ! It was nice not to rush and just enjoy being there. We saw a ladybug release right before Germany and by the time we got to France, we decided to try some pastries, however none of us could finish them cause we were still full from lunch. They were yummy though ! We continued on and once we hit Canada I searched for Tessa. She wasn’t at any of the carts or the desk in front of LeCellier. I saw a girl that I thought might be her, but as I got closer, I realized it wasn’t as there was a different name on her tag.Anyway, we decided to try and see if TT was open one more time before we left for MK and IT WAS !! I was so excited. DD and I both loved it ! It is a really fun ride. After that, we headed for the monorail and over to MK. We got to ride in the front and the conductor kept hitting the horn, but making DD think it was her. It was so funny. At MK, we hit Splash Mountain, Big Thunder, It’s a small world and Mickey’s Philharmagic. We had dinner at The Plaza. I can honestly say I was not too impressed with it. We did a little shopping and then finally decided we wanted to see our room in this great hotel.


I’m so glad you finally were able to ride TT!!!


Me too Erin ! I can’t believe it took me 8 years to be able to do it !! LOL


So we get to our room around 8ish, and it is still kinda light out out and I as we are walking down halls, I am seeing different views of the Savannah. Giraffes out one window, zebras another. It was so cool. We take the elavators down to our room which was on the 1st floor. (lobby is on 3rd) I am kinda bummed by this, but then when we get in the roomit is so beautifully decorated and the first thing DH does is check the view and it isn’t that bad.Straght out is a hot tub, but the pool is to the right and the savannah to the left so I can kinda see both.Pretty cool huh? Anyway, we get our showers and head to bed. Tomorrow is typhoon Lagoon.