My page is weird


Hello fello buzzers…have a couple of questions. I don’t know if it is just mine that is doing these funky things or what so let me know…

  1. On mainpage of mousebuzz, the “recent threads” is showing things that I have read days ago but it still says “XXX minutes ago”
  2. Once I am in the forum and in a thread, it is saying that it was posted so many hours or minutes ago, but yet I read it days ago too.

Maybe I am having some magical power seeing into the future knowing what people are posting and then seeing them days later here on mousebuzz…okay just kidding!


You may needed to “log off” then log back on. That will clear the MB cookies from your computer:smile:


Thanks Ready2Go!!! You are awesome, IT WORKED! I would have never thought about doing that. It has been driving me nuts for 2 days now! Thanks again.


Anytime :smile: