My party went from 3 to 4 overnight!


Well Im pretty sure you all seen me say that my DH wants no parts of this Sept trip right? Well last night we all were watching the 08 planning DVD and when it wall done he said to me " you should call WDW and add a extra night on" Im confused at this point and say who was going to be paying for all this because I could only afford 8 nights by myself at this point. He said that he wanted to go and we need to add him to the plan as well. :eek: I thought I was stuck in a dream. So DH is going!!! Yea!!!


Yeah!!! Congrats!! So he is going and you are adding another night?


Yup! At first I really wanted to be just me and the kids but I know for a fact next year when we go he will want NO parts of it!! :laugh: And yes we are going from 9-19 9-28 so lets just hope for FREE dining!


That is great news!! Disney sure knows what are doing making these planning videos. It’s gets people, hook, line, and sinker!


wow thats great DH got struck by the Disney bug YAY


AWWW- that is awesome! I am so greatfull that Ed loves Disney as much as I do so it makes it so much easier to talk him into these things. I do give you credit for doing it on your own though- Im not sure if i could do that!


Congrats ~ DH with you on the trip AND an extra night!!! Woohoo!


that’s so awesome!!!


:laugh: Ed:laugh: I thought you were talking about my DH Ed:laugh:


To be honest I liked the idea of just me and the kids. things go my way that way:laugh: but Im still sure they will :heart:


ok so that is almost creepy! LOL


That is so great for you. I hope you have a magical time!


Very cool.


Thats crazy… My DH is Ed and so is yours… Our DD’s were bron with the same condition… Please tell me your name isnt Kate and you live in NJ and have 2 dogs named Lady and Stitch:laugh:


No but my name is Karie (ok so its Karie-anne but it still begins with a K)

and Im not in NJ but I am on the east coast in CT…:laugh: could be really far away but Im within a few hours drive…


My real name is Katie-Lynn but since I dont like it I cut it to Kate:laugh:


That’s great news. The more the merrier right? I am so glad you are all going together. (That’s what you wanted isn’t it?:blush: )


Hooray that is exciting!!! That DVD can really work wonders sometimes! :wink: :laugh:


that is just freaky! dont tell me you were born feb 3 1971… that would just floor me!


:laugh: at first! Then I got used to the idea of a girls trip:wub: