My Perfect Trip Plan


We postponed our trip in Oct. to Dec. and I did it very late in the game. When I changed the trip dates I realized I had to make ADR’s the next day. I took my calendar from the Oct. trip and tried to transfer all the ADR’s to the Dec. trip as they were. Of course things had to be changed due to unavailability. When I had finally finished and started looking at the new trip calendar it was incredible. All my days were matching up perfectly to the EMH’s for each park. This has never happened to me before. It’s like a perfect schedule. Another fringe benefit is Space Mt. should be open when we are there.


Alright, I like it when a plan comes together. How about posting your plan :smile:


I still think Space Mountain won’t reopen until February, and I’ll be happy to be wrong.


I love it when plans come together so nicely! :slight_smile:


Well we have a chance at least :angel:


Here is our schedule:

Sat. Dec. 5- check-in and go to MK for Spectro and Wishes

Sun. Dec. 6- Morn. rent a Mouseboat, Go to DS at 10:00am stay for Night EMH

Mon. Dec. 7- Char. Break. at CP, Go to AK 'till 5:00pm, Boma at 5:45

Tue. Dec. 8- Early EMH at Epcot 'till 5:00pm, MVMCP

Wed. Dec. 9- Water Park, Going to see Holy Land, Whispering Canyon at 7:30pm

Thur. Dec. 10- CRT at 9:15am, MK park closes at 7:00pm, La Nouba at 9:00pm

Fri. Dec. 11- Chef Mickeys at 9:45am, Epcot night EMH see Holiday Illum.

Sat. Dec. 12- DS early EMH, Fantasmic Package at Mama Melrose

Sun. Dec. 12- AK, Boma at 5:15pm, MVMCP

Mon. Dec 13- Check-out, Possible early AK EMH


I tried for Le Cellier on our Epcot days and couldn’t get it, will still try for it. Maybe we should check-out T-Rex?


Try Le Cellier for lunch. We could not get a dinner ADR but we got a lunch one pretty easy.


Sounds like a packed schedule… Have fun.


Wow, it definitely looks like its going to be a great trip. I’ll have to check my plans and see if our paths will cross. :slight_smile:


Yes I know, I’m sure we will end up trimming some times here and there but it 's a good schedule to work down from.


I really tried for Le Cellier for lunch but I couldn’t get it. I will continue to try!


Excellent, that would be great!


I am really trying to put together what I need to do live broadcasts while we are there with ustream. I should have an iPhone by that time and a laptop that can both be used for video. It’s really fun to see live video from the parks and I’m gonna try and broadcast as much as I can.


WOW, that would be really cool. :cool: