My Photo Pass Pictures


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My Photo Pass Pictures


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Photo Pass Pictures


Those are great pictures, thanks for sharing them with us. Your daughter is so beautiful, how are you going to just pick a few of those to buy?


That is awesome!


Very nice shots, I love all of the charactrer photos! Very nice!


Awwwe! The princess shots are my favorite, but they are all so cute! Like steph said, it’s going to be so hard to choose from those!!


Thanks for sharing! Your daughter is very cute! :mickey:


Lovely!! Thanks for sharing!!


Great pics, thanks for sharing. It’s a going to cost a few $$ to get them all!

Just order the ones you want big then just get the rest out of your web browsers cache, they will be ok as long as you don’t print them A4 size, just don’t tell anyone else how to do it!:angel:


Thanks for sharing those! My DD loved that your DD has so many pics with the princesses!


These are beautiful Val. I love the one of your DD at the MK with Tinkerbell on her palm


Thanks for sharing?
Was that a christmas tree behind Pooh and Friends?


Yup!!! Sure was
Christmas decorations ARE up!!!
Funny though, because that was Nov. 2nd
and last year we stayed until Nov. 6th and did not see 1 christmas decoration!!
I took more pics on my camera which I haven’t uploaded yet.
I got some pictures of the decorations on Main St and the Tree by the Castle


Thank you everyone and for the tip Missy :wink:

Dopey, I :heart: that pic too!!!
And the close-up one with me and DD.

I also bought pics from the Luau, Test Track and Typhoon Lagoon
and we got 2 Free 4x6’s from the CRT Breakfast! :happy:


awww very cute!!! :slight_smile:


Very nice pictures, your DD is pretty. Thank you for sharing!


You’re pictures are beautiful! I ordered 5x7’s of our last month trip and got them within a few days - the quality is very good - I’m sure you will be pleased!!


Awesome pics. Thanks for sharing. Your daughter is beautiful.

Is it just me or does Donald Duck seem to be very photogenic? (sp?)

Lisa :mickey:


Nice pics… Thanks for sharing.